Inyourspeakers offers an alternative to the current critical dogma by specializing in smart, entertaining, people-centric journalism that focuses on the cultural impact of music. The individual character of our superstar contributors ensures that we are able to provide fresh, unique perspectives in every single article. We deliver this content through a state-of-the art platform designed to provide the best user-experience imaginable.

We are looking for the best creatives, editors, and writers of our generation.

We’re not a review factory or news aggregate. We’re a site offering an alternative to current critical dogma. What we can offer is fairly simple: payment based on number of hits, free albums before launch and often before leaks, a reader-base in the tens of thousands, the opportunity to interview a wide assortment of artists, substantial vertical mobility where anyone can climb the ladder, and the chance to make your vision have an impact on the world of music journalism.

What we need is also simple: someone who knows music, knows what they think, and isn’t afraid to call it like it is. If you think that’s you, consider this your first assignment: tell us why you think you're perfect for IYS.

We're currently looking to fill the following roles:

Record Reviewers
News Reporters

Think you've got what it takes? Email us at hiring (at) inyourspeakers (dot) com.

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