Inyourspeakers Media is a web-based, independent music publication dedicated to delivering up-to-date news, album reviews, interviews, and event coverage concerning hundreds of musical acts spanning traditional genre lines.

The unifying aspect of the artists we cover lies in their commitment to continually push sonic boundaries. The more innovative a piece of music is, the more likely it is to be covered on Inyourspeakers Media.

This ongoing commitment to improvement and innovation is pervasive at our publication. Since our inception in December 2008, we have worked tremendously hard to expand both the quantity and quality of our content offerings. In just four short years, Inyourspeakers' content portfolio has expanded to the point where we post fifty to seventy articles per week.

Of course, we are still looking to expand the scale and quality of Inyourspeakers Media, and are looking to bolster our staff in a few key areas.

Currently, Inyourspeakers Media is looking for several record reviewers and reporters. Please read on for each role's description:

Reporters play the essential roles of introducing new artists, providing updates on the current status of previously-covered acts, and (perhaps most importantly) delivering breaking news to Inyourspeakers' readers in the timeliest manner possible. In short, the content of the news section provides the basis for every other article type on Inyourspeakers, and keep readers coming back for the latest relevant music news.

Consistent availability, a fondness for deadlines, a passion for sourcing leads, and a willingness to do what it takes to break news before other top-tier music publications are essential aspects of candidates. Other factors that will be considered are writing ability (technique, style, humor, etc), interest and general knowledge of alternative music, flexibility, and people skills. We normally ask for a minimum of five non-breaking articles per week in addition to a single morning or afternoon breaking-news coverage shift.

Reporters should expect to spend between 20 and 45 minutes per article (this includes research and writing). A single breaking news shift lasts five hours; during this time, the on-call reporter will be responsible for several short, high-priority news articles.

This position asks for a minimum of two reviews per week. This normally averages out to ten hours split between listening, research, and writing. Full album reviews warrant 400 - 800 words. Inyourspeakers Media prides itself on highly analytical, intelligently written content, so it follows that over the course of any given review we expect a in-depth analysis of both the record as a whole, and of a few of the most notable tracks or themes therein. Most records that we consider for review yield substantial background information, which we expect writers to fully research and expand upon within each of their assignments.

All interested individuals should have relevant experience, an insatiable appetite for music, and a propensity to work tirelessly toward goals. Please send all inquiries to hiring@inyourspeakers.com.

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