Posted Jan 12th, 2010 (2:40 am) by Nicholas Henderson

Critically praised dream-pop youngsters The xx have apparently more ways than one of delivering their music to the public. Starting this week at The Vinyl Factory in London the trio will be premiering an "audio sculpture" of their debut album, xx, which will serve as a sort of physical music video that creates three-dimensional representations of the album's songs. Pretty cerebral stuff, right? Even so, the group insists that the installation should not be mistaken for an "art exhibit."

"It shares sensibilities with art installations but it should not be considered in this context," said Saam Farahmand, the artist responsible for the work, relating that the aim of the piece is to take what would normally be considered a two dimensional medium (the music video) and lend greater dimensions to it. The installation features three distinct "visual units," representative of each member of The xx, and Farahmand will project sound and light from each.

You can view the exhibit for free at The Vinyl Factory in London through January 12.

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