Posted on November 18th, 2008 (11:45 am) by Callum Underwood

"I like to think this doesn't sound like anything else"
Usually when writing a review, I'll find some similar artists so that readers know what sort of sound I'm talking about, but I have to admit, I agree with Xihilisk's statement - his sound really is unique.

I could say he sounded like M83 without the cheese-synths and trashy vocals, or that he sounds like Son Lux with more technology and less indie, or even that he sounds like Shitmat, but a hell of a lot more chilled out; but none of these statements are really true on their own. Xihilisk really does have a unique sound, and I think that's why I have been enjoying this album so much. It's incredibly difficult to describe his style, but I'd have to go with Indie Electronica with a dash of Glitch and some rather intelligent, innovative production skills thrown in for good measure.

If you're an indie fan and feel like maturing your taste in music a little, I would definitely recommend this album. It’s got some beautiful melodies, and Xihilisk obviously has a strong understanding of musical concepts, as the record is rather classical in composition. The production methods complement his style perfectly, with a solid base of good production knowledge, backed up with an intuitional skill of knowing when to glitch and when to let the synths speak for themselves.

"Amanda," my favorite track on EPTwo, is an ethereal, beautiful, almost certainly trip-hop derived track. It's fairly brave for a producer to use cell-phone signal interference as an actual instrument, but it sounds incredible. Complicated glitch noises underneath a gorgeous solo sliding guitar with some rather wonderful synths over the top come together to make a track that has already been added to my "favorites" playlist. To note a singular fault of this EP, it would be that there are no vocals at all. Tracks such as “Autonomous Seashield” would benefit greatly from some Bjork-style vocals

All in all, this album is a must have for any of you indie electronica kids out there. No this is not Justice, nor is it Crystal Catles. Xihilisk marches to the beat of his own (synthetic) drum. EPTwo is a wonderful representation of what you get when you let the love of the music, rather than the love of the scene, guide your production. Xihilisk has released EPTwo, free of charge (link below), so open your mind and give it a spin.

1.In Slider
2.Autonomous Seashield
4.The Movement of Dogs
5.Lye Flatley

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