Posted on May 29th, 2009 (3:47 pm) by Yuki Sambongi

Erlend Øye, famous for being one half of Kings of Convenience, is back again with his latest project, The Whitest Boy Alive. Their new release, simply dubbed Rules is a great album. My personal favorite track off the album is the beautiful “1517”. The simple repetition of beats is what characterizes The Whitest Boy Alive, and this song represents just that. If you have never heard of their music before, you should really give it a try. With Øye's mesmerizing voice in this track, you’ll quickly become hooked to their sound.

“Promise Less Or Do More” is another song that represents this band well. The Whitest Boy Alive and their simple beats equal pure idiosyncratic beauty. Though this track creates a simple dance rhythm, these guys still hold back and resort to their minimalist music making. That is what makes this band so unique and wonderful. It’s the same story with “Timebomb”. With the faint background melody created by the bass, it gives the track a simple, yet multidimensional feel that drags you into the wondrous world of The Whitest Boy Alive.

The album ends with “Island”. It’s the longest track on th record, but this song describes The Whitest Boy Alive and their genre of minimalist pop just right. Judging by the live versions of this track I found on YouTube, it’s definitely worth checking them out if they play in a venue near you.

Though this new release is not even an hour long, it makes those precious minutes fly by. If you have never heard these guys before and love their tracks, make sure to check out their debut album, Dreams as well. But for now, just enjoy the pleasant harmony that flows from out of your speakers.

Track List

1. Keep A Secret (4:07)
2. Intentions (3:39)
3. Courage (4:22)
4. Timebomb (3:44)
5. Rollercoaster Ride (2:39)
6. High On The Heels (3:20)
7. 1517 (3:41)
8. Gravity (3:48)
9. Promise Less Or Do More (4:17)
10. Dead End (3:22)
11. Island (7:04)

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