Posted Nov 9th, 2009 (1:39 pm) by Henry Harboe

"The Economy Sucks, Let's Party!" is the tour title of everyone's favorite anti-capitalist american rock band, Anti-Flag. Channeling their inner Uncle Sam, they want YOU to join them in their pursuit to tour the world in honor of the current recession. As the group posted in their most recent MySpace blog, "We're looking for local bands, solo acts, comedians, spoken word artists and others to open up select dates of 'The Economy Sucks, Let's Party!' tour in early 2010." Anti-Flag has some guidelines to follow, and will be open to submissions until December 20. If you're interesting in submitting whatever musical or comedic media you've created, there's a bit more information you'll need. For that, and more, read past the jump.

Anti-Flag additionally writes that the band will "be listening to all submissions and hand picking all participants" themselves. So even if you are not selected, at least there's a good chance to broaden your fan base. "Each selected act will also have the opportunity to be a part of a digital benefit compilation which will be released in 2010…We will notify you via e-mail if you are selected to open a particular show and participate in the benefit compilation. Please keep in mind that only select tour dates will feature a local opening act, as some shows are not able to accommodate any additions to the lineup."

The last bit of information you need is that the band does not want materials sent in a personal email. They instead have a website up with a complete submission form for you to follow. Here's the link, and IYS wishes the best of luck to all you!

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