Posted Mar 22nd, 2010 (5:22 pm) by David Findlay

In today's roundup we are offering a rather calming visual experience, courtesy of young Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li. Though the single "Possibility" isn't available on debut Youth Novels, it does appear on a certain soundtrack for a certain movie that came out last year. You know the one. No? Do we really have to tell you? Check it out after the jump.

The track, "Possibility," was featured on the New Moon soundtrack. (Is anyone else sick of hearing about Twilight?) Like the song, the video canters along softly, and is an altogether peaceful and graceful performance based feature of the 24 year-old singer and her band. Shot in black and white and directed by Marcus Palmqvist & Frode Fjerdingstad, the six and a half minute piece is a perfect partner to the composition. This gal is definitely one to watch out for. It seems that practically any Scandinavian artist is a force to reckoned with just now. Anyway, one prescription for angelic chamber pop awaits you down below. Enjoy.

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