Posted Mar 18th, 2010 (1:58 pm) by David Findlay

Italian House destroyer Rocco Rampino aka Congorock, has been helping craft the so-called "Fidget House" genre for the past year or so, along with fellow Italians Crookers and The Bloody Beetroots. His debut EP, Runark, had it's release early last year and set about tickling bass cones in nightclubs around the world. A year later and Rocco's at it again. This time with the single "Babylon," which will be available on March 23rd through Fools Gold. Read on after the jump for details and a peak at the crazy good video for the single.

The feature has been directed by the video collective Pomp&Clout, and although the general inception regarding the video's themes is a rather intangible mystery, it's as sure as granny's cooking gonna make you smile. Usually videos for songs which are designed to shake your ass, feature lots ofb ass. Shaking. But not this one. It's dark and eerie yet altogether strangely beautiful. You can view it down below to fill your critical appetite. Pay close attention to the unbelievable sharpness of the wildlife shots , the way yellows and golds bend in the darkness create a strange antique dynamic against the dull tones of night-time, and a shot toward the end which follows someone wearing a gold robe rippling in the wind. Its simplicity and movement are a spectacle that could have found a place in Chris Cunningham's video for "Frozen" by Madonna.

The auditory world has an ear to the ground for Congorock. Just remember to keep one eye open for Pomp&Clout. Below the video there is a promo mix by Congorock available for streaming, because we are just that nice.

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