Posted Nov 4th, 2008 (5:46 pm) by Visitor

These Arms Are Snakes Were robbed while on their way from their way from their last gig in Madrid, Spain to their next gig in Lisbon, Portugal.

Fortunately, only the stereo, GPS, and some personal possessions were stolen from their van and not the instruments, so the tour can continue as planned. They were, however, somewhat slowed down because they had to clean out the van's cab of urine and also had to replace the broken van window.

These Arms Are Snakes announced that they have released another EP with previously unreleased material. The album Tropics Split 7" single, there are only 500 of the pressed white vinyl EP's available at this time.

Anyone lucky enough to see the band live will also be able to get their hands on this and some of the other previously-released EPs: Russian Circles split 12” and Pelican split CD/10.

Track Listing:
1. These Arms Are Snakes - "Meet Your Mayor"
2. Tropics - "Future Gets Tense"


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