Posted Oct 9th, 2008 (11:40 am) by Visitor

So it may not be "Something For All of Us", but Broken Social Scene is at least giving away "Something for Some of Us" in conjunction with last night's tour kickoff. Canadian moody-rockers announced a contest yesterday to win prize packs including a 12” vinyl of last July’s “Something For All Of Us...” album release and an autographed limited edition tour poster. Fans can try their luck here. Winners will be selected October 17.

Broken Social Scene started their “Something For All Of Us…” tour last night at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The band is on the road until late November, where they conclude the tour with two shows in their hometown Toronto.

October 9th Chicago , IL
October 11th Madison , WI
October 13th Minneapolis , MN
October 14th Omaha , NE
October 16th Kansas City , MO
October 17th Columbia , MO
October 18th St. Louis , MO
October 19th Urbana , IL
October 21st Richmond , VA
October 22nd Falls Church , VA
October 24th Brooklyn , NY
October 25th Brunswick , ME
October 26th Boston , MA
October 30th Ottawa , ON
October 31st Montreal , QC
November 8th Mexico City , Mexico
November 18th Nashville , TN
November 19th Atlanta , GA
November 20th Talahassee, FL
November 21st St. Petersberg , FL
November 22nd Pompano Beach, FL
November 27th Toronto, ON
November 28th Toronto, ON

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