Posted on May 13th, 2011 (1:00 pm) by Jennifer Monteagudo

For all the world, I never would have guessed Conveyor's Sun Ray EP was a debut. Usually at InYourSpeakers, we'd call this album "mature"; but there's something unfitting about using that word with the Brooklyn band's release. There's an endearing and slight warble in the vocalist's singing on opening track "Forward", and the simple but succinct lyrics of "yes some things are so heavy / i will pick them up / you don't have to" from the third track, begrudges the title of "mature".

Neither is the album "young", really, Sun Ray EP just is. It's a warm blanket of keyboards, softly strummed guitar and waves upon waves of gentle oohing. There's some math rock-like keys that kick off title track "Sun Ray", a witchy, haunting tone to "Yes, Some Things are So Heavy", and glitchy techno in "Milkman". Yet for all the use of electro gizmos and sounds, Sun Ray is a very warm EP. Listeners will be reminded of Animal Collective, the band with a master hand at aligning a cacophony of experimental noise into indie pop so bright and cheery it is its own brand of laughing gas.

While other acts have tried (and failed) to be carbon copies of Animal Collective, Conveyor is more like a light tracing. The similarities are undoubtedly there, but the groove is all Conveyor's own. The only time they step on A.C.'s toes is on closer "Milkman", where the band goes for that quirky, staccato singing -- and quite nearly pull it off -- but in the end, they were out of their comfort zone, and it shows. Overall though, this is the perfect EP - no song goes on for too long, or ends too quickly, it debuts a band that talent-wise, is ready for the spotlight, and is hopefully, an accurate sampling of the quality of an upcoming LP.

Sun Ray EP is available for a name-your-own-price download from Conveyor's Bandcamp (link at right).

Track List:

1. Foreward
2. Sun Ray
3. Yes, Some Things are So Heavy
4. Milkman

Conveyor, Sun Ray
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Our Rating

75 / 100
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