Posted on August 29th, 2011 (1:27 pm) by Joseph Weathered

YAWN is a four piece from Chicago coming off of a self-titled 2010 debut with the first full length release, Open Season.

For a Chicago band, they sound awfully British on "Open Season." This is especially evident on the track "Acid," where vocalist Adam Gil sounds a bit Bowie-esque, all while electronic bongos prattle on over lush melody. While the aesthetic of the album isn't totally cheerful, Open Season is more akin the feeling of traveling to a place you know is going to be fun. YAWN combines psychedelic, trance, with pop and rock tunefulness thrown in.

"Keep Up" conjures up Revolver-era Beatles. There's a lot going on in the song, with a blurry mixture of electronics and standard rock instrumentation (the trick is to keep both sounding meshed together and Yawn does this very very well).

There is also lots of melody. I repeat: LOTS OF MELODY going on here. It sounds both current and futuristic, while taking their cues from bands like The Beach Boys and The Zombies. Every band now seems to harken back to or pull out records from the early '60s for inspiration. YAWN does this, of course, but with their electronic flare and hint of experimentation, it feels fresh.

All in all, Open Season is pretty adventurous. It's really just musicians using all of the tools available to create music that has a feeling to it. For something mostly electronic, it has a lot of soul, which is all you can ask for in a world filled with pro-tools and multi-multi track recording equipment.

Track List:
1. Keep Up
2. YumYum
3. Acid
4. Gasoline
5. Sing Low
6. Never Knew
7. Magician
8. Astral Observatory
9. Candle
10. Indigo
11. Rainy Days

yawn - open season
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