Posted on May 18th, 2011 (11:00 am) by Joseph Weathered

Read through the work I've done here and you will notice a pattern: I only review bands with great band names. Even Kanye West (who gets a pass on the name part) named his album "My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted, blah blah" which was great, even if it was too long to remember now.

Regardless, Helado Negro is a greatly named project of Roberto Carlos Lange and Canta Lechuza is one laid back sounding album. It's eleven songs that sound like a cross between an Ecuadorian Enya and some jazzy, hipster lounge thing where men and women in the newest, summer friendliest skinny pants would hang out at a bodega/microbrewery/cigar-shop combination with a patio where people read books alone in corner seats.

I'm stalling a bit on the actual explaining/breaking down part of this because seriously, every song just flows into the next. There is no standout track or anything because the body of the work presents itself as really nice, sometimes esoteric background music. And WHAT'S WONG WITH THAT, RIGHT? We all have sometimes stressful lives, and we would like the idea of buying an album and putting it on our iPod while we drive somewhere. Canta Lechuza is perfectly fine stuff to have on in the background. It's airy and relaxed, with a solid rhythm; sometimes it gets weird, but not so much that you would give pause and focus on it - it's pretty nice.

I read reviews of a different Helado Negro album on a another music website and the woman that reviewed that album decided to take everyone on a vocabularly tour of what I pretty much summed up in the afore-mentioned paragraph (+10 in that reviewers book for me using "afore-mentioned" right?). Helado Negro is as of this moment a band I would buy an album from, go see live (only because I picture everyone just lounging around and looking cool and not really paying attention) and support with a healthy and perfectly adequate review. And that's my endorsement; Canta Lechuza = a fine album to put in your collection.

Track List:

1. Globitos
2. Regresa
3. 2º Dia
4. Lechuguilla
5. Cenar en La Mañana
6. El Oeste
7. Obra Uno
8. Oreja De Arena
9. Con Suerte
10. Calculas
11. Alcanzar

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61 / 100
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