Posted on May 5th, 2011 (2:00 pm) by Clayton Williamson

Yesterday must have been National Piss Off Clayton Day. After my girlfriend dumped me over the phone, I went to the lake to kayak and wonder if I’ll ever find someone who loves 50 Cent as much as I do. Little did I know that my rented kayak had two holes in the bottom of the hull, causing me to partially sink into the lake while water bugs snuck into my shorts. Upon getting home, what do I have waiting for me but an advance copy of Young Montana’s full-length debut Limerence from Alpha Pup Records. Forty-five electro-glitch minutes later, I decided my next course of action would be to walk in front of a speeding train.

Young Montana is the alias of British-born Jon Pritchard, a 20-year old electro artist catching significant attention on both sides of the Atlantic. Mr. Pritchard takes original dance and hip hop beats, scrambles them with pop hooks then mutilates them into noisy strips of sound. Prickling noises scratch your eardrums while the songs often go into hyperactive seizures, changing course without reason or conclusion. Sometimes I wondered what anyone ever saw in glitch dance music, but then I realized that half of Young Montana’s audience was probably on terrible quantities of homemade ecstasy in some sweaty London discotheque when “his music blew fucking minds open.”

Limerence starts off bearable enough. “In Finite” floats about like the prologue to a corny sci-fi movie, while “Sacre Cool” certainly wants to be an Earth, Wind and Fire song without having to pay for the sampling rights. Things quickly go to hell, with an unnecessary rap from Stainless Steele as ultra-fast synth beats bore into your subconscious. Once “Mynnd” hits, Limerence suddenly descends into absolute noise and commits to it like a sacred mantra. I honestly don’t understand who listened to the pure chaos of “Hot Heathrr” and decided this guy deserved a mention on BBC Radio.

Several times while listening to Limerence, I truly believed the album had gained sentience and resolved to kill me via psychological torture. I’ll give Young Montana some credit, though. Even if his music is an abomination, his drive and personal initiative is making 98% of Generation Y look bad. Everyone knows he’s only doing this to get laid, so once he grows tired of music he’ll probably turn out to be a productive member of society. As for me, I’m still wishing I went down with the water bugs.

Track List:

1. In Finite
2. Sacre Cool
3. Suchbeats (feat. Stainless Steele)
4. Dreamhome
5. Bad.day
6. Mynnd
7. Hot Heathrr
8. Legwrap
9. Midnight Snacks
10. Repetition
11. Connct

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20 / 100
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