Posted on April 28th, 2011 (12:10 pm) by Clayton Williamson

Moderation should be a key principle throughout one’s life. By practicing moderation, you maintain balance and prevent little habits from becoming destructively excessive, be it eating junk food or watching really hot porn. To set an example for us all, Win Win’s full-length debut (helmed by producers XXXChange and Delvin) arrives via Vice Records to prove that fun musical elements needn’t be abused to achieve good tunes. With that said, moderation doesn’t always lend itself to an LP of killers either, especially when you run out of compelling hooks and beats before the closing bell rings.

Opener “Victim” is stupid nasty good. Featuring the talents of frequent M.I.A. collaborator Blaqstarr, “Victim” is the money shot of Win Win, and it’ll make you want to do silly things in order to impress potential lovers. The following “Future Again” is another dance monster and keeps the energy and intensity high, while “Releaserpm” slows down the vibe with a phantom vocal by Lizzi Bougatsos of Gang Gang Dance. Beyond this point, Win Win’s gas tank droops toward E, as the producer duo favors texture over BPM in the album’s second half.

“Cada Buen Dia” glorifies abrupt starts and stops to irritating results, stuttering over and over until you’re compelled to jam Q-tips in your ears. “Pop a Gumball” sounds like a Flaming Lips song freshly infested with mediocrity, and “Distorted Reality” loops in some half-assed electro-beats. To be fair, the gentle synths of “The Nature of Transcendent Forces” varies up the pounding beats, but after this, Win Win throw in the towel and let the album coast to a fading conclusion.

It’s a shame Win Win couldn’t realize a full album of fun dance numbers as tight as the opening tracks, because Win Win starts life as an incredible dance floor filler. However, moderation got the best of them, and things couldn’t stay racy for too long, lest all those hot beats wear out their welcome. Little did they realize that constant high energy is what a lot of people crave. Why did Win Win have to be so polite?

Track List:

1. Planet Playground
2. Victim (FT. Blaqstarr)
3. Future Again (Oakland) (FT. Angela Sarakan)
4. Mother Mary
5. Releaserpm (FT. Lizzi Bougatsos)
6. Interleave (FT. Alexis Taylor)
7. Cada Buen Dia
8. Pop a Gumball (FT. Spank Rock, Andrew W.K., and Matt Sweeney)
9. Distorted Reality 3
10. Glen Beck
11. Ghosts/Delirium 3
12. The Nature of Transcendent Forces (FT. Douglas Armour)
13. Not Too Late
14. Not Too Late PT. 2 (FT. Pixeltan)

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68 / 100
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