Posted on February 23rd, 2011 (12:57 pm) by Clayton Williamson

Drenched in dark synths, echoing melodies and mild sci-fi paranoia, Warm Ghost’s newest EP is a hypnotic meditation of sound and cohesion. Helmed by Brooklyn natives Paul Duncan and Oliver Chapoy, this six-track collection is an extended reworking of their Claws Overhead EP, with Uncut Diamond’s existence due to Warm Ghost’s graduation to the Partisan Records label in preparation for their first full length album scheduled for later this year. If this teasing EP is a reliable signpost, Warm Ghost might become your new favorite chill-out band.

Though the band classifies themselves as synth-pop, their sound isn’t bouncy or upbeat, but driven by subtle riffs, fading ambience and Duncan’s hearty vocal timbre, his healthy bellows calling out from the corners of some shadowy synth loop. Its all too tempting to let the New Wave-esque hooks and head trip lyrics creep into your subconscious: “Flames stream behind/A lion chasing antelope/Then it slashed my heart” croons Duncan on the title track. This EP is so much more than boy loves girl.

Despite the countless remixes that will undoubtedly arise from this body of work, these six strong songs stand tallest when perched side by side, providing an ambient background of suspicion and déjà vu against the organic underpinnings of a genuine vocalist steeped in lyrical talent. Lets hope the Uncut Diamond EP is a precursor to a brilliant and productive career. Keep the light on for these guys.

Track List:

1. Open The Wormhole In Your Heart
2. Without A Dancer
3. Claws Overhead
4. Uncut Diamond
5. Resignation Rights
6. Let My Angst Unfold in the Water Like A Hounds Tongue

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80 / 100
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