Posted on June 2nd, 2011 (10:00 am) by Clayton Williamson

From an enigmatic producer somewhere in New York comes the self-released Venecia Lovers EP, the second digital single of Sun Deers. Despite decent production, the Venecia Lovers EP is generic instrumental electronica, featuring synth organs, drum machine rhythms and the obligatory out-of-context audio sample from an ancient television show. Nevertheless, while Sun Deers lacks a unique vision, he asserts his technical skills and eagerness to learn throughout the brief EP.

Based around a computerized choir hook, the title track goes round in circles, never building tension or exploring new ideas, content to nap in its comfort zone. This in of itself doesn’t make for terrible music, of course, but it is rather boring. The song fades away around the five-minute mark, but suddenly returns with nothing new to discuss, repeating a few more laps on the carousel until the music finally dies off for good. “Loving Sons” is a tad more intriguing, with a majestic valley vibe and echoes of distant cries across the digital soundscape. Still, there are no new revelations or stylistic changes on the EP’s second half, so you’ll reach the end of this ride without any kind of fanfare.

Even with its lack of dynamics, Venecia Lovers still gets the job done, as the sonic textures are solid and there’s a clear focus on creating an ambient pillow of electronic grooves. According to our own report, the guy behind Sun Deers is only 17 years old, so with some life experience, who knows what kind of songs this kid will churn out. Hell, when I was 17, I was drawing comics about a genocidal Native American whose sidekicks were named Mantuna and Edgar the Shit-Talking Rooster, and now I’m making movies about sexually frustrated dinosaurs. What I’m saying is keep an ear to the ground for Sun Deers. He can’t even legally purchase Virginia Slims but he’s already this far into the game.

Track List:

1. Venecia Lovers
2. Loving Sons

Sun Deers: Venecia Lovers
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Our Rating

51 / 100
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