Posted on May 31st, 2011 (1:00 pm) by Clayton Williamson

Jordan Geiger, the sole continuous member of Hospital Ships, seems to be a courteous fellow. Proudly hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, Mr. Geiger gently sings his heart aloft in a falsetto with a healthy range, getting his feelings across through sensitive ruminations on young love, death and finding something bigger than yourself. Released through Graveface Records, Lonely Twin is a collection of mellow, space-traveling tunes and accessible piano-pop melodies, though the midsection gets a little too sleepy for its own good.

“Honey Please” is the obvious frontrunner for college radio, where Hospital Ships pulls out the piano/drum combo with a dash of Keane, a pinch of Coldplay’s early heartache, and a sprinkling of synth effects. Though he works alone, Hospital Ships carries the sound of a full band, even on the drifting “Galaxies”, one of the purest examples of his musical intentions. Channeling Mercury Rev more than any piano-rock band, Geiger clearly wants to be an astronaut but chose to explore his romantic ambitions through music rather than figure out all the calculus.

After several tracks of slow, echoing sounds and the waltzing ballad “Anyone Everyone”, the raucous “Reprise” is an anomaly; a dirty punk nugget that delivers some much needed energy in the album’s closing minutes. I truly desire to see more of this manic, destructive side. While Hospital Ships sounds nice and lovely, I need some urgency mixed in with the beauty, more panic and tension. In any branch of art, contrast is absolutely necessary to fully appreciate a creative work.

Though Lonely Twin occasionally blends into the wallpaper, there are still good sounds here. Geiger has clearly studied the fundamentals of rock pop, a skill not enough modern artists have accomplished or even attempted to learn. If he were to follow the lead of “Reprise” and pump some aggression into his music, he’ll have all the ingredients for a minor masterpiece. Surely even nice guy rockers have shitty days too, right?

Track List:

1. Love or Death
2. Honey Please
3. Bird in Furs
4. Galaxies
5. Phantom Limb
6. Carry On
7. Anyone Everyone
8. Old Skin
9. Reprise
10. Little Dead Leaf
11. New Life

Hospital Ships: Lonely Twin
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68 / 100
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