Posted on May 18th, 2011 (12:00 pm) by Clayton Williamson

The homebrewed, lo-fi work of Georgia-based Green Gerry is no doubt an acquired taste. With distant vocals, muddled lyrics and sudden musical twists, Green Gerry’s young discography could throw off a less patient listener; but there are patterns within this chaos that deserve honest investments. His new self-released EP Egg Nog (his first release since his 2010 debut Odd Tymes) maintains his established vibe of guitars, drums and distant vocals twisted by frazzled filters and ominous sound effects. A home studio has never sounded more charming.

“Cynicalitiess (Demo)” is as close to conventional as Green Gerry has ever sounded, and it’s proof that he isn’t afraid of cutting off a tiny slice of accessibility for new listeners. Don’t get me wrong; "Cynicalitiess" may stomp along with an inter-dimensional march, but that doesn’t mean it’s a Katy Perry single either. Gerry pushes his vocals a little harder on Egg Nog, sometimes testing the limits of his range, like on the various peaks of “Pupil Patterns Are Crazy (Demo)”. As for the "demo" labels he’s slapped on most of this EP, it seems as if he’s apologizing before he’s done anything wrong. While Egg Nog isn’t as notable as his adventurous debut, it’s comforting to know he’s so hungry to release material that he’s essentially letting us gaze into his creative process.

Fueled by ambition and honesty, Green Gerry has the juevos to do his own thing and take the time to perfect his wholly original sound. There are too many artists that create weird music for the sake of being random, but Green Gerry is different. I’m convinced these songs are merely extensions of his personality, and that Green Gerry himself is a hermit that only emerges to play these tunes then disappears overnight to dream it all up again.

Track List:

1. Cynicalitiess (Demo)
2. Pupil Patterns Are Crazy (Demo)
3. N O O L (Ha Ha Ha)
4. L OOO N (Demo)
5. Philter Phade (Unfinished Demo)

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Our Rating

69 / 100
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