Posted on May 9th, 2011 (11:14 am) by Clayton Williamson

Back in 2002, Andrew W.K. sounded like someone taught a grizzly bear English and planted him in front of a microphone. His debut album I Get Wet was brick-headed, metal-pop spearheaded by the lunatic torpedo “Party Hard”, a tune so maniacal it seemed Andrew might explode if he didn’t get the song out of his system. Of course, not everyone appreciated Andrew’s crass, bombastic style, but to a select group of my high school peers, I Get Wet was big, dumb fun and we loved it.

However, even at his peak Andrew W.K. was never more than a minor interest: a curious one trick pony whose follow-up material quickly grew wearisome. Despite that, there is a well-researched conspiracy theory that Andrew W.K. is a manufactured artist that multiple people have personified like a third-rate James Bond. While this theory sounds like typical Internet riff raff, within the first thirty seconds of The Party All Goddamn Night EP it’s clear the singer is not the same guy who ordered me to party till I puke nine years ago. I’m not saying Andrew W.K. is different in that he backpacked across Europe and is now vegetarian. I’m saying he is literally a different human being, different Social Security number, etc. The vocals sound like a college kid trying really hard at karaoke, doing his best to fit in but embarrassing everyone around him in the process.

Synths and drum machines carry the majority of the EP, with a band supporting these god-awful songs as needed. Everything here frantically tries to recapture that original 2002 energy without any of the zeal or mindless conviction. The title track is like a middle-aged uncle that crashes your hot co-ed party: oblivious to the fact he’s creepy and smells like a crateful of shrimp. “I’m A Vagabond” is an operatic anthem without a flag to hoist, and “Head Bang” grows so fucking irritating it makes me want to commit a second-degree felony. “I Sold My Soul” may be the only song that comes close to being tolerable and I say that oh, so loosely.

Unless you want to witness firsthand how pathetic Andrew W.K. has become, this EP is a complete waste of the little time you have on this planet. It is truly sad when an artist must resort to nostalgia and old tricks in order to extend their washed-up career. In a perfect world, Andrew W.K. would have disappeared after I Get Wet, leaving everyone wondering, “Whatever happened to that guy?” It’s too bad reality is far more painful.

Track List
1. Party All Goddamn Night
2. Everybody’s Raging
3. I Sold My Soul
4. Head Bang
5. I’m a Vagabond
6. We’re All Women
7. I Was Born to Love You

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22 / 100
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