Posted on November 29th, 2010 (2:48 pm) by Clayton Williamson

Abby Go Go’s self-titled album hurts. I literally became ill as I listened to this American massacre of shoegazing, a sub-genre of rock famous for its extensive use of guitar effects and vocal melodies that blend into overwhelming walls of sound. Though I’d never confuse Abby Go Go’s assault on human hearing with Ride, My Bloody Valentine or The Verve, it’s not just the musicianship that makes this album terrible. It’s not just that there is a complete lack of originality or inspiration. It’s the awful and frequently off-key vocals that push Abby Go Go’s first album from a regretful musical effort into an atrocity worthy of a war crime tribunal.

Based out of Atlanta, the foursome known as Abby Go Go have been living the musician’s dream by playing show after show across the East Coast while sleeping night after night in one of those big vans with a ladder on the back. To their credit, they’ve established a small but noticeable online fanbase, but while I’m sure the band has spent countless hours and numerous paychecks in the never-ending quest to live off the fruits of their creativity, I hope they’ve finally realized that time invested in a project never guarantees a quality finished product.

At best, the vocal work of Abby Go Go is good enough for a regional shoegaze band. At worst, the vocals will drive you to homicide, as their delivery is akin to someone poking their thumbs between your ribs. Every single track features an example of the lead singer’s futile attempt to stay on key. Sure, you might want to think the first few errant hiccups were on purpose, but the jig is up once you reach “The Lost Song”. The cathartic release of the track’s mid-point literally made me grimace the vocals were so painful, though it wasn’t the last time that Abby Go Go made my bowels shake. Even with a gauntlet of shitty guitars covering him up, it’s clear the lead vocalist cannot sing.

The songs, even by shoegazing standards, go absolutely nowhere. The band tries to establish a dreamy mood but they employ no hooks and no musical elements that latch onto your forearm and careen you into a tripped out daze. “Feelin Slow”, one of two songs under the four-minute mark, shows a tiny shred of discipline by not flooding your ears with ten effect pedals (don’t get me wrong, the song is horrendous). Still, the two shorter songs are proof that the group thought of condensing their aural attacks into more accessible nuggets of shit.

Oh, and good god the closing track of “Glass” made me want to stick my hand in a wood chipper. They attempt a dynamic of vocals and screeching guitar wails but end up embarrassing themselves even further by combining all of their aforementioned flaws into one seven-minute long horse fart.

Abby Go Go provide nothing you haven’t heard before from much more competent artists. The band’s only hope is to move towards the sound of “Feelin Slow” and explore the realm of tight pop songs with psychedelic leanings if they ever want their music to do more than help them pick up chicks. Well, they’d have to ditch the vocalist to achieve anything with dream pop, and they’d have to find a guitarist that didn’t sound like he’s playing out of a music theory textbook. Ah hell, maybe they should cut their losses and just go to business school after all.

Avoid this album with all of your might.

Track List:

1. Louder Than Dreams
2. The Lost Song
3. Torpedo
4. Guitar #0
5. Feelin Slow
6. Sweet Sweet
7. Come On
8. Glass

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Our Rating

25 / 100
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