Posted on July 28th, 2011 (12:30 pm) by Molly O Brien

The intro is everything. Artists know the first thing people hear is what makes people continue listening. Bungle the intro and you have to start doing Hail Marys to hope that the audience sticks around.

Good thing The Glitch Mob absolutely crush the first thirty seconds of “We Can Make the World Stop,” the first track on their EP of the same name. This track is as complex as astrophysics, as intense as the last five minutes of a Martin Scorsese film, and as deliciously textured as a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food. The beat skips along, with The Glitch Mob’s signature techno drone notes mixing with deep strings and winding semi-guitar. It’s a drool-worthy track.

“Warrior Concerto” picks up on the classical music theme, in which The Mob (edIT, Boreta and Oah) open with a swarm of digitized strings all buzzing at the same frequency, then add some dirty bass and start chopping things up with true DJ ferocity. The Vivaldi-esqe high strings turn metallic and piercing. It sounds like the soundtrack to a sci-fi kung fu epic that doesn’t exist--yet. EP closer, “Palace of the Innocents,” slows things down, crunching with broken-glass drums and twinkling with faux-sitar synths.

Since their last full-length release Drink the Sea, the Glitch Mob have played their strengths, focusing on influences--like epic orchestral music-- setting their music apart from the zillions of other electronica and glitch musicians. The last album got lost in drawn-out beats; this EP displays focus and intensity in a way that gets us psyched for the Mob’s next full album.

Track List
1. We Can Stop the World
2. Warrior Concerto
3. Palace of the Innocents

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Our Rating

71 / 100
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