Posted on November 26th, 2010 (5:11 pm) by Bonnie Clayton

LA-based musician Evan Voytas’s music is very near, nay, dangerously close, to embracing the chill wave movement. However, Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere stands apart due to a certain happy LA flavor, an appropriate quality considering Voytas’ sometimes-position as a guitarist for Flying Lotus. This happy, goofy touch, as opposed to the, sleepier, more narcotic qualities of many chill wave acts, can’t exactly be grouped under a specific genre, and yet it also can’t exactly be classified as honest-to-God electronica, either. Tomorrow Night has a unique and intense vintage presence.

Voytas’ music constantly fuses together ‘70s and ‘80s influences into something that is charmingly electronic, indie and nostalgic all at once. Tomorrow Night opens with “Our Thing”, a song that contains bouncy, fuzzy beats and heavy synths alongside delightfully soft vocals and clean bits of electric guitar. While the song might not immediately capture your heart, it’s so easy to fall into the groove, it’s no wonder the very first lyrics are “this feels good”. In short, it sure does feel good, and it does so instantly.

The title track that follows, however, proves a little bit trickier to enjoy. Whereas a lot of releases today will tend to take on certain qualities of ‘70s and ‘80s music and infuse them with fresh interpretations, “Tonight We Can Go Anywhere” is so unapologetically early ‘80s in style and delivery that it almost hurts. Computerized maracas, ever-so-quiet post-disco chords, breathy lyrics seemingly straight out of the repertoire of some older drunk guy’s list of pickup lines - they’re all there in full force, bumping up against each other with cheesy abandon. While other tracks on the EP wisely borrow bits and pieces from different eras and dress them up with a happily modern tinge of indie-danceability, “Tonight We Can Go Anywhere” doesn’t sound so much like a new creation as much as it does a solid imitation of times (thankfully) past.

On a lighter note, though, the fourth track, “Astro”, fabulously shows off Voytas’ strongest points, using a loop of steady, muted beats against heavier sounds to offset the lightness of his heavily- filtered, and pleasantly female-like, vocals. The result is an enticing swirl of instrumental repetitions cozily coupled with enraptured lines like “pick me up astro/ take me out/ ‘cause I can get lost/ I can get caught up” that leave you feeling just as enchanted as Voytas must have felt when creating such a happily high track. In the future, Voytas would benefit from revisiting this “Astro” rhythm, instead of retreading the ‘80s post-disco synth sound that has already been run into the ground.

Track List:

1. Our Thing
2. Tonight We’ll Go Anywhere
3. Alright So Far
4. Astro
5. We’ll Go Far

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63 / 100
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