Posted on June 10th, 2011 (11:00 am) by Bradley Hartsell

What’s the market here? Zackey Force Funk is a ridiculous name. The album cover to your right is ridiculous. “fukk” is one of the most contrived, ridiculous songs I’ve ever heard. I just don’t get it. Minimal Wave is sixteen minutes of monotonous dubstep-- and even sixteen minutes had me looking at my watch, wondering when it was over.

ZFF and his handful of producers construct lifeless dubstep beats, glitching synths, and simplistic arrangements (the songs rarely exceed two minutes) all channeled through a funk prism. Zack drops in on most songs to pseudo-rap machoisms about guns and clubbing and drinks and girls. Again, I’m not buying what this guy is selling.

“fukk” is especially stupid, where the word fuck is on loop and thus the many uses of the profanity ensue. Maybe it’s supposed to be humorous, but it’s more of a childish exhibition of “hey, look what word I can use!” than anything. So of course I don’t recommend this EP. I barely recommend reading about this EP. Go wash out your eyes now, I won’t be offended.

Track List:

1. Barry @85
2. Blooms
3. Pistolgrip
4. fukk
5. Tucson Push
6. Computer Hu$tle
7. Sneaker Style
8. Toss the Gun
9. Drink on the Floor

Zackey Force Funk: Minimal Wave
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Our Rating

30 / 100
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