Posted on May 25th, 2011 (11:00 am) by Bradley Hartsell

God damn, I need a nap after that.

Review readers have probably encountered "self-indulgent" as a criticism somewhere in their lives. The phrase is self-explanatory, but its relation to music criticism seems a bit vague. Isn’t all music self-indulgent? I mean, you’re making music you want to make, all the while expecting people to give a damn about what it is you’re doing. World's End Girlfriend's press release’s heading reads (via Twitter) “…the most mind blowing shit ever. That is all, good night.” When fans say mind-blowing, these days, its always a good idea to take that with a grain of salt. WEG is a candy binge, and halfway through the second song, you’re ready to crash out. That is self-indulgent, my friends.

WEG may very well be an acid trip’s heaven. He stuffs everything he possibly can into his songs. Not only is it too much for a normal pop song, these songs run six, seven, eight minutes long. Not only that, there’s thirteen songs here! One hour and eighteen minutes of the most extravagant parade I’ve ever heard. I’m not joking with you. The most. Ever.

WEG’s standard template is mixture of dubstep electronics, power pop flare, sensibilities towards baroque, and just a pinch of metal shredding macho and Les Claypool funk. Jesus Christ, that’s five genres in one. And of course, there are no vocals, save for a few seconds of fleeting voices here and there. The songs continually build towards a rush of hooks, sandwiched by breakdowns while the music waits to release. “Der Spiegel Im Spiegel Im Spiegel” is WEG’s attempt at that thing where everything is totally random, there’s no melody, and each instrument take turns hitting seemingly random notes. I always hate that, and it sucks here, too. “Decalogue Minus 8” finds WEG taking a bad melody way too far. But the rest of these songs have a good direction in mind. World's End has real melodic and rhythmic ideas in mind, but it’s just way, way, way too much. I really do equate it to a sugar buzz, and that sick feeling where you lay on the couch for hours because that third chocolate bar was bad news.

If you had one of those interior decorating people step into Seven Idiots, they'd started tossing shit over their shoulder, “this can go…we don’t need this…this place is a goddamn mess!,” there’s a good album in here somewhere. We need a Hoarders-style intervention for WEG, in order to tell him his cluttering habits are tearing us apart. Unless you want to be doubled-over in isolation for three hours, it’s best to stay away from this cumbersome album.

Track List:
1. The Divine Comedy Reverse
2. Les Enfants Du Paradis
3. Teen Age Ziggy
4. Decalogue Minus 8
5. Ulysses Gazer
6. Helter Skelter Cha-Cha-Cha
7. Galaxy Kid 666
8. Bohemian Purgatory pt. 1
9. Bohemian Purgatory pt. 2
10. Bohemian Purgatory pt. 3
11. Der Spiegel Im Spiegel Im Spiegel
12. The Offering Inferno
13. Unfinished Finale Shed

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