Posted on August 24th, 2011 (12:32 pm) by Bradley Hartsell

Vancouver's Two Bicycles is the side project companion to Teen Daze, as carried out by the kid who just goes by Jamison. Teen Daze has some mixed success here at IYS, with Four More Years a strong honorable mention album (74 rating), while Silent Planet put poor Molly O'Brien to sleep (despite it having an infinitely more badass cover than its predecessor). Teen Daze is ambient dance pop, while Two Bicycles is mostly just ambiance. From what I've heard of Two Bicycles thus far, it seems as if Window is Jamison's full immersion into the project's intimacy. And it's a very intimate, personal record. Unfortunately for the audience, Jamison gets lost in his own head and leaves us with an infinitely hazy dullness.

People for years have ragged on Sigur Ros' pretentiousness on(), an album too caught up in its self-constructed world to bother giving the album any kind of information to the public. While we all had to concede, "whoa this is a great fucking album," it was hard not to be frustrated with the Icelandic post-rockers. Similarly, though to a lesser degree, Jamison decided to name this album Window, then proceded to name every goddamn song "Window." That's awfully a) pretentious b) haphazard or c) overly-conceptual. Let's pretend these songs had real names of their own--you could hear this album ten times and I'd still defy you to properly identify the correct song. Every song is literally almost the same, with an ambient synth wash staging slowly picked reverb-drenched guitar notes. No drums, ever. No bass, ever. No piano, strings, brass, or vocals...ever. It's just those two instruments doing those two things the whole time, with only the slightest of tonal changes.

I'm willing to concede "that's the point" to Jamison. Naming every song the same name, then play every song the exact same way (every song except for the nondescript number seven even falls within thirty seconds of each other in running length. Number seven is inexplicably longer) could be a statement in cohesion, to do with away with the fractured nature of albums. It may be heavy-handed, but whatever, name your songs what you like. It's certainly possible considering even Jamison must know no fan will come up to him after a show and tell him "Window" number four was mind-blowing. Why? Because nobody can fucking tell them apart! These songs are a bunch of 1 year old identical twins, so the exercise could be to eliminate identity between tracks, thus making them inseparable from the album as a whole. That's art, brah. I can get down with that, but just don't expect me to listen Window for pleasure. The first track indicated something very pretty (it actually is a pretty soundscape of an album), but there was no momentum, dynamics, or melody. It's textures are impressive, but the execution feels too single-visioned, too stringent in its cause, to be a worthy listen to anybody but Jamison himself.

Track List
1. Window
2. Window
3. Window
4. Window
5. Window
6. Window
7. Window
8. Window
9. Window
10. Window

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53 / 100
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