Posted on August 29th, 2011 (11:37 am) by Bradley Hartsell

The hilariously matter-of-fact titled There is No God, a 10" single, opens with the title track featuring lyrics that would make Louis CK nod in vigorous approval: "There is no god / But that which surrounds the tongue / That which sees love in the chest / That which puts mouth on cock and vagina / That that is best." I swear, even Will Oldham (aka Bonnie) sounds like he can't help cracking singing the lyrics "cock and vagina." The music is a grassroots country foot-stomper. A female choir comes in and pleasantly sings "there is no god." It's a funny as fuck contrast and it's awfully catchy, which means you run the risk of bursting out into the infectious chorus during inappropriate times.

"God is Love" is Oldham back to bleak balladry he's most known for, primarily for the stunning work on I See a Darkness. Slow acoustic strumming, matched with female harmonies make for a beautiful song, one Oldham is so adept at writing. The trembling outro is soft, sweet, and vulnerable, and then it hits you how strange this song sounds next to "There is No God." With a chorus of "God loves me / God is love," it's safe to assume Oldham was going for the starkest of stark fucking contrasts; though I'm sure instead of being blatantly contradictory, he is being pantheistic in proclaiming god to be love.

Obviously, this is a 10" single and it's not "essential listening," but fans of Oldham will enjoy this one quite a bit. Folk fans should find "God is Love" to be a fine gem, and people with a general irreverence towards everything will get a lot of fun out of "There is No God." It's awfully eclectic to be a two song single, but Oldham is a pro at making eccentric folk songs, and from the title track alone, the weirdness abounds.

Track list:
1. There is No God
2. God is Love

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