Posted on August 25th, 2015 (3:00 pm) by Addison Herron-Wheeler

It's 2015 and Disturbed is putting out yet another record? What? How? Why?

Disturbed were a force to be reckoned with in their time for sure – maybe not with true staying power like System of a Down or Slipknot, but a household name nonetheless. At the turn of the century, everyone and their mother was listening to "Stupify" and "Down With the Sickness," whatever that song is actually about. Their 6th album is called Immortalized, but it looks like the only things they'll be immortalized for are those two ubiquitous singles from 2000.

Immortalized starts off on a seemingly hopeful note, with two opening tracks of heavy, blistering nu metal grind, even more so then their previous recordings. But vocalist David Draiman's lyrical styling seems dated, and the songs have an early 2000s feel that can't be ignored - typical guitar riffs, triggered drums, and clichéd lyrics. Despite that, "The Eye of the Storm" and "Immortalized" deliver on the crucial heaviness expected from metal veterans like Disturbed.

After that, however, things go way downhill. "Fire It Up," the record's ode to cannabis, might go down in history as one of the worst marijuana songs ever written. "Fire it up/I like to fire it up/and it feels so right/Fire it up, 'cause when I fire it up/I feel like serenity/I feel like serenity... is mine." Even "Sweet Leaf" has more creative oomph. As nice as it is that Draiman wanted to come out and profess his love for Mary Jane, "Fire It Up" is a poor reflection.

Much of the rest of the record follows the same dismal pattern – repetitive, predictable, and outmoded lyrics, dull guitar riffs, over-polished sounding drums – in short, simple pop songs but with distorted guitars and double-bass drumming. One of the only other enjoyable tracks on the release is the cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence," which is done in a manner very true to the classic duo’s style.

Comeback records work from time to time, but not usually for a band that was only relevant during a brief moment in time. This record does not seem like it will live up to its name, or that any of the songs will become classics. It’s always going to be fun to rock out to "Down With The Sickness" if you grew up during the early 2000s, but that doesn’t mean that this record will satisfy millennials looking for a nostalgic blast from the past. For that, you're better off listening to The Sickness.

Track List:

  1. The Eye of the Storm
  2. Immortalized
  3. The Vengeful One
  4. Open Your Eyes
  5. The Light
  6. What Are You Waiting For
  7. You're Mine
  8. Who
  9. Save Our Last Goodbye
  10. Fire it Up
  11. The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
  12. Never Wrong
  13. Who Taught You How to Hate
Disturbed Immortalized Album Cover
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34 / 100
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