Posted on August 7th, 2015 (1:00 pm) by Justin Goodman

Obie Trice began his career with 6 words: Obie Trice, real name no gimmicks. His flow and lyricism were not unique for 2003, but he brought himself unadorned to the stage. Even Tupac used 2Pac. Unfortunately, what remains on stage now is the mission creep of campiness which is the consequence of themed albums and lingering notions of rap as thug life (wonderfully outlined by Lucy here and here). That is to say The Hangover sounds, as it is, like the work of an Eminem protégé.

While Eminem writes sequels – The Eminem Show and Encore, Relapse and Recovery, The Marshall Mathers LPs – Obie has been on a single binge beginning with the light-hearted Cheers and sinking (as most party nights do for me) into a vague suffering. This is the foremost issue. The Hangover is as teetering as an actual hangover. It never succeeds at being the revelation suggested by the slim, busker percussion of “Chuuuurch,” or the bitterly comic self-awareness of his mentor seemingly played out in “Bruh Bruh” and “Obie’s Tidal” (besides his own tracks playing on the “radio,” possibly a potshot at Jay Z’s service, and a trope I hope dies). It’s the experience of a blackout drunk’s impressionist awareness before waking up an amnesiac in bed.

The closing track, appropriately named “I’m Home,” is one of the better ones I’ve heard on an overall mediocre album, partly due to Estelle, partly due to a passion that he can’t fake. That fact is obvious on tracks like “Good Girls,” the kind of garbage club rap, with its clean synth, drop, and cliché bass line that I’d prayed had been left dead, forever indigestible. If anything, as a conclusion to this alcohol-induced tetralogy, The Hangover helps to highlight what has driven Obie Trice’s attitude and most memorable songs - sincerity and Detroit. That’s why the R&B “Detroit State of Mind” – another reference to Jay Z, perhaps? – and “P8tience,” named for the Detroit hip-hop newcomer who performs a majority of it, stand out with the final track as the best by far.

However, they can’t hold the entire album down. No matter how much purging may begin The Hangover, it never fully purges the spoiled contents of its history. Besides not satisfying the conditions it sets for itself being as backed up in the bile of outdated styles and unevenly structured as it is, it's one of those supposedly fun things I’ll never do again once I’ve woken up.

Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Chuuurch
  3. Bruh Bruh
  4. Obie's Tidal
  5. So High (feat. Drey Skonie)
  6. Good Girls
  7. Dealer (feat. Young Buck and Tone Tone)
  8. GMA (The Speech)
  9. So Long (feat. Gwenation)
  10. P8tience (feat. P8tience)
  11. Same Shit (feat. Young Zeether)
  12. Detroit State of Mind (feat. J-Nutty)
  13. Bang
  14. I'm Home (feat. Estelle)
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52 / 100
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