Posted on April 6th, 2015 (9:00 am) by Mark Philipp

Sydney-based EDM artist Alison Wonderland has been operating as a DJ and a producer since 2008, and has seen a decent share of success. A classically trained musician, Wonderland has dropped the cello and taken her producing prowess across her home country, even embarking on a tour in 2014 that saw the Aussie DJ packing old warehouses with fans eager to hear her mixes (with another warehouse tour on the way). After over half a decade in the business, her debut album, Run, has finally emerged, and it's a perfectly competent, but most generic, offering.

Alison Wonderland has quickly made a name for herself with some fresh and compelling ideas. That's why it's surprising that, for the most part, Run contains exactly what you'd expect from a pop-EDM record. It's stacked with plenty of club-ready tracks defined by simple lyricism, catchy tunes, and danceable beats. Alison Wonderland's voice is perfectly suited for the contagiously uplifting, feel-good sound that the record is soaked in. High tempos and squeaky electronics are, of course, the groundwork for most of the songs, with some horns and synth thrown in for good measure. Lyrics focus on the obvious, with topics including dancefloor romance (“I Want U”), taking one more hit to get the party started (“One More Hit”), and being just too cool to deal with your insecurities (“Cold”). The album hits all the sweet spots necessary to get bodies moving, but unfortunately, that's about all that can be said about it.

Run is a boring release. The songs are mostly tame and stale rehashes of the same ideas that have been in play at clubs for the past few years. It's never bad, but it's hardly ever interesting. Mundane tracks pervade the record, and though they'll make just about anybody get up and dance, they won't get stuck in anybody's head or make a lasting impression. After a while, it all starts to feel like filler surrounding the singles. That being said, there are a few stand out offerings. “Ignore” is a much needed break from the monotony, ditching the club synth for some more metallic instrumentation and crunk-inspired beats that hit hard and heavy. “U Don't Know” (which accompanies another one of Wonderland's admittedly awesome music videos) is also anachronistic for this record, featuring some slightly more psychedelic production and some fine auto-tuned vocal work from The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne. It is on these tracks that some hint of a genuine vision can be observed, but the main focus of this release lies elsewhere.

It's difficult to recommend this album, but it's not necessarily something to avoid, either. All the tracks are fun and easy to groove to, and could easily be used to fill out some barren playlists, but they'll blend in so smoothly that just about any listener would be hard-pressed to pick one out in a line-up. Run is, with few exceptions, a comfortable and safe display of Alison Wonderland's talent, and it's a completely adequate debut, but next time around, we hope to see a little more personality.

Track List:

  1. Run
  2. U Don't Know (feat. Wayne Coyne)
  3. Take It To Reality (feat. Safia)
  4. Naked (Alison Wonderland x Slumberjack)
  5. Carry On (feat. Johnny Nelson & GANZ)
  6. I Want U
  7. Games
  8. One More Hit
  9. Ignore
  10. Back It Up (Alison Wonderland x AWE)
  11. Cold
  12. Already Gone (feat. Brave & LIDO)
Alison Wonderland - Run Review
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