Posted on August 31st, 2015 (3:00 pm) by Michael Negron

In the second song of WRLD's Chase It EP, there's a line: "this place feels the same to me." There are light synths and echoing vocals – fitting, considering the title is "Echo" – accompanied by a kick with a high pass filter, all building around the emotive lyrical epicenter. As you might have imagined, it's a love song revolving around some nondescript youthful passion, but the only thing I could think of as that line wistfully passed along was, "That's probably the best unintentional metaphor I've ever heard." You all know where I'm going with this.

Homogeneity is a concept I've talked about before, particularly in relation to EDM, and even more specifically with Monstercat artists. To reiterate, it can be destructive, but prejudice can be equally so, the latter often betraying a tendency toward elitism. So trust me when I say that I came to Chase It with an open mind: I like the title track, I think it came off one of the best compilations of the year, it's a four-track EP, certainly there's a little warranted optimism.

Unfortunately, the title track is quite clearly the centerpiece, more so than something calling itself an EP really has a right to. That in of itself wouldn't be a huge deal, but it also exposes itself to the worst of EDM plagues in a rather small amount of time. It's most notable with "Little Too Close", which suffers both from "obligatory female guest vocals" syndrome and "drowned-out engaging instrumentals" disorder. It's funny too, seeing as "Style," the track just prior, is perfectly capable of working within its many tropes (the slightly annoying snapping, heavily-effected vocals, etc.) and still come out with something palatable, even contending with the title track as the bona fide banger.

So that takes us back to "Echo." It's hard to genuinely hate happy music when you're in the right mood and, like most things Monstercat, this is about as unpretentious as it gets. It would be easy to succinctly sum up the EP by saying it's like the song – a little corny and cliché yet pleasant enough – but Chase It is actually much more divided; if, beside the killer title track and "Style," there were anything more substantial, you might be able to make sweeping generalizations like that, but as it stands the only statement that comes to mind is that this might've been better as a single and b-side.

Track List:

  1. Chase It (feat. Savoi)
  2. Echo (feat. Richard Caddock)
  3. Style
  4. Little Too Close (feat. Veronika Redd)
WRLD - Chase It
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