Posted on August 28th, 2015 (12:00 pm) by Magdalene Taylor

Two staples of the emo revival indie scene Mike Kinsella (Owen, American Football, Cap’n Jazz) and Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It., Pet Symmetry) have joined together in a new split EP under their respective solo projects Owen and Into It. Over It. Each with their own extensive musical histories, the two nearly stand at the top of the acoustic-bent modern emo genre. This latest EP not only furthers that stance but reflects upon it, featuring two original songs and two covers of each other’s songs. With varying intensities of emotional charge, energy, and expression, the EP is a concise portrait of the two artists.

The EP opens and closes with Owen, leaving Into It. Over It. with the middle flesh. This dynamic is clouded, however, by the placement of the artists’ covers of eachother’s songs, creating an interesting relationship and intermixing between the two.

Owen opens with a new track, “Poison Arrows.” It begins with Kinsella’s earnest style of indie poetics, layered over folksy acoustics. The song takes an abrupt turn with the sudden introduction of piano and drums, burgeoning the already impassioned track into something far more explicitly spirited.

Into It. Over It’s cover of Owen’s “Poor Souls” off the album No Good For No One follows, presenting an instrumentally distorted and hazy Into It. Over It. spin on the original track. It’s ultimately not too different from the Owen version, in terms of the potential for variances with cover tracks, but the song is inherently beautiful, and hard to do wrong. Into It. Over It. compliments the beauty of the track by highlighting its underlying rhythmic complexity and subduing the vocals. Into It. Over It. follows once again with new track, “Local Language.” The rambunctious indie folk track features far more life than the previous cover, and with one listen suggests itself to be the type of song to get emotionally attached to.

The real standout of the split EP is ultimately Owen’s closing cover of Into It. Over It’s “Anchor.” The original is a quiet, poetic, acoustic gem off of 52 Weeks, containing itself almost entirely in lyrical content. Owen flips the entire thing over, giving his version with an almost pop-punk spin, intensifying the track further with the high energy charge of electric guitar riffs. Emotions run high in both versions, but Owen’s demonstrates the ways in which a cover can simultaneously preserve the essence of a track and change it entirely.

The EP is a very short taste of the type of emo that’s been revived by Owen and Into It. Over It. It pushes the genre forward but reflects upon where it’s at and where it has been. The range from softness to vivacity is drastic in these four songs, each characterizing themselves much differently from the rest. But one thing holds with each track, and moreover with the genre as a whole: whether through a quiet recitation or a crying out, Owen and Into It. Over It. put emotional expression first.

Track List

  1. ”Poison Arrows”
  2. ”Poor Souls (Owen cover)”
  3. ”Local Language”
  4. ”Anchor (Into It. Over It. cover)”
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70 / 100
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