Posted on September 21st, 2014 (11:30 am) by Magdalene Taylor

British industrial metal band Godflesh has long held their place in the world of sludge-y, repetitive darkness, and are here to reassert this stance with their latest album, A World Lit Only By Fire. With the exception of their EP Decline & Fall, released in June 2014 under the band's own Avalanche Recordings, this is Godflesh’s first album in over a decade. With that in mind, it’s clear that time has not tarnished the sound that Godflesh first established. A World Lit Only By Fire feels unique to Godflesh in the way that their earliest albums did while still giving freshness to the album.

The album is a clear statement to what industrial metal is, with its heavy bass, repetitive drum machine beats, and guttural vocals. Godflesh has pioneered this sound and utilizes it well in A World Lit Only By Fire. However, the album is still unique from previous full-length Godflesh albums, with a cleaner composition and fewer aspects of sludge metal. In addition to the harsh growls vocalist Justin Broadrick has implemented throughout the life of Godflesh, Broadrick also utilizes melodic vocals in the album. This adds a new element to the work, and enhances each song that its used in. Songs such as “Imperator” rely on this vocal style entirely, and stands out on the album in doing so. Most songs, like “Towers of Emptiness,” contain mainly growls until the end, when melodic vocals are used with an echo effect. This gives a haunting quality to the already dark lyrics and instrumentals. A number of other songs mainly stand out in their buildup and progression, like “Obeyed” and “Curse Us All.” Some songs, including the first track “New Dark Ages,” don’t stand out quite as much. However, they are still heavy and comprehensive in sound, contributing to an overall solid body of work.

Nearly all of the album contains a balance between industrial drum and bass repetitiveness and sludge metal guitar distortion, which is different than some of their previous albums that tended to lean more toward one genre than the other. These albums often lacked the standout guitar aspects.

A World Lit Only By Fire is another intense and dark contribution to the world of industrial metal that Godflesh themselves created. The melodic vocals add a distinct quality, while the rest of the album still contains all the features of Godflesh that have made them dominate the genre for so long.

Track List:

  1. "New Dark Ages"
  2. "Deadend"
  3. "Shut Me Down"
  4. "Life Giver Life Taker"
  5. "Obeyed"
  6. "Curse Us All"
  7. "Carrion"
  8. "Imperator"
  9. "Towers of Emptiness"
  10. "Forgive Our Fathers"
Godflesh: A World Lit Only By Fire
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