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Though five years might be a considerable gap between albums for a band that has only been in existence for a decade, experimental rock collaborative group
Githead’s latest album evokes no sense of distance in the band’s sound. With a penchant for deep, pronounced bass, droney, hypnotic rhythms, and all around indulgent instrumentals, Waiting for a Sign is all that Githead has been in the past. A record that’ll satisfy fans, Waiting for a Sign is a solidly decent piece of work, but is otherwise a sleepy album that’s nothing too special. However, there are definitely a few songs that stand out as exceptions to this.

Much of the album has a tone of being relaxed psychedelia, meant to be played in the background, but not focused on. The first track, “Not Coming Down,” despite its initial smack-in-the-face bass quality, eventually succumbs to this description. “To Somewhere,” “Air Dancing,” and “Today” contribute to this list of vague, unnoticeable tracks. None of these songs are outright bad, they're just a bit boring. Githead has never denied being an experimental, psychedelic group, and that is certainly what this music is.

The songs that veer away from this pattern are obviously the ones that stand out, and in a positive way. “For The Place We’re In” has hints of Celtic folk music in its vocal patterns, and the instrumental track, “Slow Creatures,” bears strong resemblance to the mystery jazz that plays throughout David Lynch’s TV series Twin Peaks. The high point of the album is “Bringing the Sea to the City,” which contains all the marks of the soft, light, pretty psychedelic sound that Githead does, but follows a much stronger rhythmic and lyrical pattern that actually grabs attention when compared to other songs of the same description.

Overall, Waiting for a Sign is all too nondescript. The features that are notable only seem so in relation to the songs that could put you to sleep. There’s nothing too terrible about the album, but nothing too great, either. At the same time, this is what Githead has been before. Waiting for a Sign is a continuation of Githead’s bass-intense, hazy, but definitevely patterned sound -- as boring as it may be.

Track List

  1. Not Coming Down
  2. Bringing the Sea to the City
  3. To Somewhere
  4. For the Place We’re In
  5. Air Dancing
  6. Slow Creatures
  7. Today
  8. What If
  9. Waiting for a Sign
Githead - Waiting for a Sign Review
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59 / 100
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