Posted on September 3rd, 2015 (11:00 am) by Magdalene Taylor

In the past few years, FIDLAR has proved themselves to be the anthem producers of drunk, self-loathing college students everywhere. Somehow they’ve managed to do this with only one debut full-length album and a slew of EP’s, all of them solidifying a juvenile drink-till-you-forget philosophy through powerfully catchy garage punk. Now releasing their second full length album, Too, the band holds on to that same ethos. The album is filled with raucous songs about getting drunk and being afraid of getting older, this time tinged with an even more obvious sense of regret than before. Its adolescence is at times a bit stupid, maybe even forced, but ultimately the album is pushed by a sense of relatability and lifestyle-affirming, break-some-beer-bottles garage punk that asks you to forgive it. FIDLAR’s Too will remind you of that lovable mess of a person you knew in college, know now, or maybe even are yourself.

FIDLAR sets the tone for Too in a very FIDLAR way with opening track “40oz On Repeat.” Certainly one for drinking beers and talking about hating themselves, the band delivers another singalong for the self-indulgent, over-indulgent twenty-something or less masses that unfortunately many of us find ourselves to be a part of. “I’m gonna lock myself up in my room with a 40oz on repeat,” the song asserts, lamenting relationships with romantic partners, relationships with money, and above all, relationships with the self.

But even those of us who have our shit together could easily find themselves liking the song and the rest of the album, with its rhythmically delivered and often densely narrative vocals layered over the kind of garage punk meant for a party. Even when the lyrics seem to be about having a pretty bad time, the music itself often suggests otherwise. “West Coast,” “Bad Habits,” and my personal favorite “Leave Me Alone” resemble this the best, with the latter two holding potential for emotional connection.

FIDLAR is of course pushing self-loathing and irresponsibility as an endearing concept, and it can become a bit off-putting and desperate. There were absolutely times listening to the album where I felt the urge to take each member by the shoulders and shout at them to grow up. Sometimes their self-destructiveness comes off as a bit more serious on the album, as well. “Overdose,” which is presumably about vocalist and rhythmic guitarist Zac Carper’s struggle with drug addiction, is a creeping slow song with a Western gothic vibe about life as a drug addict - the song is blunt, harsh, and hard to place in context.

In a way, these pieces present a bit more honesty about the lifestyle that FIDLAR manages to spin as endearing. Partying and getting drunk to deal with problems can have its consequences, and Too is pretty honest about that. However, the album also seems to say that sometimes these things are OK, especially when we’re young and have time to get ourselves together. If anything, though, Too is the right kind of album for the process of self-acceptance that can only be derived by jumping around to some loud and clamoring garage punk - sober or not.

Track List

  1. ”40oz On Repeat”
  2. ”Punks”
  3. ”West Coast”
  4. ”Why Generation”
  5. ”Sober”
  6. ”Leave Me Alone”
  7. ”Drone”
  8. ”Overdose”
  9. ”Hey Johnny”
  10. ”Stupid Decisions”
  11. ”Bad Medicine”
  12. ”Bad Habits”
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Our Rating

79 / 100
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