Posted on September 20th, 2014 (10:33 am) by Shayna Parr

After many years of playing in rock bands in his native Pittsburgh, indie rock artist and former Inyourspeakers writer Tim Korenich has come into his own with his new album, Change of Pace. This six-song EP is a collection of music written for a few indie short films, including Monhegan Light, based on a short story by Pulitzer Prize winning author Richard Russo.

The opening track of Change of Pace, "We Can Start Again," is a number typical for indie-rock fare: rich guitar reminiscent of Jack Johnson, and accompanied by Korenich’s warm, almost Johnny Cash-like vocals. The listener is also drawn in by his insightful lyrics: “I’ve grown to be a bigger person/but I know I’m just a tall child.” The deep richness of his voice entices listeners to listen intently to his beautiful words.

The simply titled “Intro,” is a solely instrumental work. Though “Intro” starts out with typical rock instruments (guitar, drums, and the like), it brings in string accompaniment, which gives it slightly more depth. While this may have provided a meaningful addition in the short film it accompanied, on its own it’s not that interesting.

Thankfully, Korenich’s lovely vocals make a return in “Rotten Wood.” He also brings in some soft (perhaps a little too soft?) harmonies. “Martin’s Theme” has more interesting lyrics, opening with descriptive imagery and slower music before moving into the faster beat of the rest of the song. The track is carried by the drums and guitars for a couple minutes before rising a little near the end, but then it plateaus again and not much else happens.

“Mr. Brown’s Blues” is a cute song, carried by soft guitar and a mournful, sometimes sassy saxophone. This bluesy track is followed by the closing tune, “Traveling Music.” Despite the lack of clear lyrics, the mixture of the wandering, winding guitar and nonsense syllables being sung are pleasant to hear, if not terribly intriguing. Still, “Traveling Music” does have some very pretty harmonies, and there is something to say for nice music that’s easy on the ears.

Following the release of the EP on September 22, 2014, Korenich will set out on a tour in the Midwest. Fans of the EP will also be happy to know Korenich is planning to release a full-length album as early as next spring.

Track List:

  1. "We Can Start Again"
  2. "Intro"
  3. "Rotten Wood"
  4. "Martin's Theme"
  5. "Mr. Brown's Blues"
  6. "Traveling Music"
Tim Korenich: Change of Pace
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