Posted on September 29th, 2014 (11:46 am) by Angela Goldberg

Patrick McCormack is an independent singer-songwriter, from Burlington, Vermont, and the A-C-K EP marks his most recent release. The EP is a nice introduction to McCormack, showcasing six tracks that pull from different genres and sounds. It blurs lines between indie pop and rock, and pulls influence from the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Damien Rice, and a little bit of the Postal Service.

The EP opens up with the shimmery, pop-ish, and slightly melancholy “Official Claim.” The track pulls a number of the aforementioned influences out right away, setting the tone for the EP and introducing the singer-songwriter’s sound.

The second track,”Gwen Stacy” also serves as the EP’s single. It sounds even more like The Arctic Monkey’s than the first track, with some added hints of the Black Keys. The track’s catchy chorus with backing female vocals, and the driving verses, complete with drum-heavy sections. The track is a clear choice for the single, it’s a catchy pop-rock track. However, it’s repetition is a little distracting, overall. It’s a simple, track that replays the same formula over the course of its three minutes and 40 seconds run time. A little diversity could bring a lot to this already solid tune.

“Gangland Myth” slows things down a little bit, and features some bluesy vocals and guitar riffs. It’s a sweet and sensual tune, but again suffers a little from it’s own repetitive quality. “Forgotten Towns,” on the other hand is a bouncy and fun track. With its buoyant guitar, twinkling piano, and tambourine, it’s a beacon of hope on the EP. It’s an old fashioned, feel good pop song that evokes classic pop rock of decades ago.

“He’s A Ghost” continues with the bluesy influences and has elements of some jam band and folk artists like Tea Leaf Green and a tinge of Dave Matthews Band. There’s an underlying darkness to the track, with it’s piano part and drum snare shining through. The vocals have a sense of urgency to them, and the whole things swells into a rock-driven guitar solo towards the end of the track.

“I Do” is a real stand out track on the EP. It’s a sweet, folky track that was co-written by McCormack and his partner, Katherine Lika. It features some gorgeous vocals from both of them. The track stays simple with guitar and sweeping piano. The couple’s vocal trade off is reminiscent of Damien Rice in it’s simplicity and sincerity.

Overall, the A-C-K EP is a solid introduction to Patrick McCormack. He takes the singer-songwriter formulas and ramps them up in unique ways. The six-track EP packs a lot of personality and genres into a short span of time, which is something that could use some fine-tuning, but ultimately paints a fantastic picture of this artist, his capabilities, and musical personality.

Track List:

  1. "Official Claim"
  2. "Gwen Stacy"
  3. "Gangland Myth"
  4. "Forgotten Towns"
  5. "He's A Ghost"
  6. "I Do"
patrick McCormack: A-C-K EP
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