Posted on September 19th, 2014 (2:45 pm) by Angela Goldberg

With the chilly air and changing colors comes the newest LP from the New Orleans duo, Generationals. In many ways, the new album, Alix is kind of a perfect album for the transition from summer to fall. It’s a hazy, indie pop sun-burst radiating pastel colors. It keeps a subdued feel, while exploring a lot of fun sounds. It’s a feeling of quiet euphoria with a dash of melancholic longing hiding just below the surface. The two high school friends, Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, have perfected their playful, yet still thoughtful and subtle sound. Alix employs heady synth sounds and '80s pop music in an interesting and unique way that ties the album together cohesively.

“Reviver” sounds like a trip down a vintage lane, with it’s echoey, dreamy vocals and sharp snare sounds. It’s a fun journey back to '80s pop music. Meanwhile, the album’s opening track, "Black Lemon” keeps in line with this bouncing, shimmering nostalgic pop music. However, it also has a modern sensibility to it. Similarly, the album’s single, “Gold Silver Diamond” sounds firmly rooted in modern pop music. It’s still a bit of an amalgamation of sounds though. It has a slightly more funky groove than a number of the other tracks.

“Now Look At Me” is a standout on the album. It’s a beat-driven, but calming track. It draws a lot from '80s pop music, but subtly so. The gentle, sweeping tones floating over the beats, combined with the wispy vocals are autumn perfection. It’s a bright tune, with a melancholy, overcast tinge.

The track “Reading Sounds” is like a breath of fresh air. It’s something that seems like it could be out of place on the album, but it isn’t because of it’s subtlety and attention. It ventures a little further away from the realm of '80s pop, maintaining it’s synth-pop sensibility and combining it with a disco sound and fun beats. It’s a tune that could warrant MGMT comparisons, but manages to stand out on its own regardless.

The album, however, does tend to fall into the background while listening to it. It's a little one-noted. A tune to create an upswell on the album would have been a nice addition, to keep listeners attentive. Besides, what would the sweet and nostalgic transition from summer to autumn be without the occasional thunderstorm?

All in all, Alix is a solid album. It’s fun, but still contemplative. It’s accessible, but still unique. With each release, Generationals continue to show progress in their work, and Alix is no exception to this.

Track List:

  1. "Black Lemon"
  2. "Gold Silver Diamond"
  3. "Reviver"
  4. "It Took A Minute"
  5. "Reading Signs"
  6. "Charlemagne"
  7. "Welcome To The Fire"
  8. "Heart In Two"
  9. "Now Look At Me"
  10. "Would You Want Me"
Generationals: Alix
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64 / 100
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