Posted on September 28th, 2014 (2:32 pm) by Janis Neon

“No One Saves Us But Ourselves,” is easily the best song on Kraddy's Be A Light album. The track is the spectrum found on the surface of a cascading waterfall. It is the unexpected third color in the intricate folds of a double tulip. Layers continually unfold the longer the song plays. Hell fire rises and it feels like love. Soft keyboard, haunting and set to dub, echoes into wind sound and metallic jingling. Alien zoom intensifies until bass euphorically drops. Strings merge into electronic blast until the song ends in a grand finale as an operatic choir fades into more glitch.

In addition to the aforementioned dazzling gem, Kraddy's meticulous sound engineering transforms rooted assumptions of established genres and beloved classics. In “One Way (feat. Lady Ali)," Kraddy lifts Blondie's famous classic into an urban raggamuffin jam. Stuffed with attitude, Lady Ali manipulates a poisonously honeyed voice to highlight dark, possessive and dangerous desire. In “Soul Love (feat. Brett Hite)," Kraddy glazes Hite's solid R&B with dub, casting an icy silhouette on bad romance.

The album features three collaborations with vocalist Sophie Holt. Three is too large a number to escape suspicion. Holt's feminine soprano works well with Kraddy's grit and glitch. He enjoys dirtying her pristine soar with Autotune, which delightfully cuts her pretty voice into delicious pieces of intentionally imbalanced allure. “I Can't Go Back (feat. Sophie Holt),” is the most distinguishable of the trio. The rest of her tracks sound like an agonizing continuation of an overdone message.

Another portion of the album, notably “Get High (feat. YoAstrum),” and “The Prestige,” is dedicated to dub and hip hop, which is the safe route. Though every tracks' sound is well-layered in Be A Light, each track contains a core melody that is catchy and simple to the point of deflating disappointment. Less hip-hop and more experimentation please. Kraddy has moves, but can he dance?

Four years ago, Glitch Hop Forum presented a ProducerQ&A with Kraddy, where he answered whatever questions forum members asked. Kraddy shared how important it is to save presets of new synth sounds to create a palette for an aspiring producer's sound. Kraddy is true to his word. Listening to Be A Light is like witnessing a palette of mesmerizing neon colors flash and fade across a dark sky.

Track List:

  1. "The Prestige (Feat. D Styles)"
  2. "Winning (Feat. Sophie Holt)"
  3. "No Ones Saves Us But Ourselves"
  4. "Memory Of A Lifetime (Feat. Sophie Holt")
  5. "I Can’t Go Back (Feat. Sophie Holt)"
  6. "Soul Love (Feat. Brett Hite)"
  7. "One Way (Feat. Lady Ali)"
  8. "Mystery Mystery"
  9. "Get High (Feat. Yoastrum)"
  10. "Trajectory Unknown"
  11. "Iron Temple"
  12. "The Prestige Reprise"
Kraddy: Be A Light
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