Posted on May 2nd, 2014 (2:26 pm) by Francesca Lillie

Through the hectic and sometimes chaotic parts of our life, we don’t always stop to look around and appreciate the beauty around us. However, when we do, we’re sometimes left captivated by the smallest, subtle details, and waves of contentment wash over us. Maybe it’s the way that the colors blend during a sunset, or the shapes the cracks in the cement can make, but when you see something you find truly beautiful it’s hard to find words to articulate it. While we might take a picture to remember this newfound appreciation, S. Carey managed to take pictures and express these quiet details through music. Range of Light shows us the discreet details that Carey sees through his eyes alone, granting us with a unique perspective that we may have otherwise lacked.

Sean Carey grew up in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. He was surrounded by music from a young age, his mother being a singer and his father a music teacher. He learned how to play the drums at 9 years old, and now creates music as a multi-instrumentalist. His drumming is probably his most talked about talent, being a drummer and supporting vocalist for Bon Iver. His first solo album All We Grow was made during three weeks off tour with Bon Iver. Range of Light was recorded in Justin Vernon’s April Base Studio (Vernon's vocals also appear on this record). Range of Light gives off an airy, ethereal feel, with soft, pure vocals and attention to details.

To promote Range of Light, Carey posted pictures on Instagram, but he would have managed to enthrall us without these visuals. His lyrics are enough to paint pictures in your mind. His description of nature and the earth tied with emotions speak to a sense of clarity within emotionally turbulent situations. His songs bring together nature and humans in a way that can remind you of your significance: no matter how small that may seem, and your connection to the surrounding world. “Fire-scene” uses fire as a metaphor that accompanies a beautiful instrumental with string instruments and a piano. “The Dome” has a guitar part that carries you away with mystic vocals.

Overall, Range of Light captivates listeners with light, airy vocals and attesting, ethereal instrumentals. This album captures beauty in all its details and transcends you into an inspiring yet down-to-earth place. For fans of baroque pop or Bon Iver, it’s a must-listen. S. Carey manages to tear down the walls between emotions and nature. He shows us that we can relate and see something in anything if we keep our eyes open and don’t get lost in the franticness of our minds.

Track List:

  1. Glass/Film
  2. Creaking
  3. Crown of Pines
  4. Fire-scene
  5. Radiant
  6. Alpenglow
  7. Fleeting Light
  8. The Dome
  9. Neverending Fountain
S. Carey - Range of Light cover art
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Our Rating

74 / 100
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