Posted on June 9th, 2014 (2:03 pm) by Francesca Lillie

For anyone that’s heard Poliça, the fact that singer Channy Leaneagh was part of a folk band before Poliça could be surprising. The distorted, Auto-Tuned vocals and synthy, electronic background that are distinct in Poliça are far from the folk realm. The Minneapolis based band started out as an experiment between friends Leaneagh and Ryan Olson. After realizing how well they work together, they got two drummers (Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu) and a bassist (Chris Bierden) together with them and with that, Poliça was formed. Shortly after forming and debuting their first album Give You The Ghost, Poliça started receiving almost instant success.

Less than a year ago Poliça released their sophomore album, Shalumith, which is now being rereleased as a deluxe version with four new tracks, or the Raw Exit EP. Shalumith was named after radical feminist Shalumith Firestone after Leaneagh read “The Dialectic of Sex,” claiming that it perfectly described what she was trying to say in Shalumith. The first and title track on the record is an old song, demoed shortly after their debut album that they’ve played at concerts but never officially released. As Leaneagh stated in their blog: "'Raw Exit' still sounds like Poliça but goes to a different place topically than the rest of Shulamith—it’s about wanting someone, which is rare in our songs." It still is distinctly Poliça and is a chill, catchy song, demonstrating one of the strongest songs on the EP. “Raw Exit” does not set the attitude for the rest of the EP, though. “Baby Blue” is about feeling dominated in a relationship, Leaneagh singing, “See I meet a lot of women / And they tell me that I’m strong / When I leave the stage to find you/ Why you make me think they’re wrong.” The instrumentation is more subdued, offering an appropriate mood for the lyrics. “Great Regret,” the shortest on the EP, has a lot of repetition to it. With a lot of low, vibrating sounds combined with higher electronic bursts, it creates a solid background for the vocals. The last song on the four-track EP is a cover of “You Don’t Own Me,” first recorded by Leslie Gore in 1963. The song, which is about a woman claiming her independence, gets a modern uplift with Poliça. This song utilizes least electronic elements, with a full band backing Leaneagh’s sultry voice. While this song doesn’t have the electronic sound found in the rest of the EP, it fits with the tone of the record and is a superb cover.

Whether buying the deluxe version of Shalumith or listening to Raw Exit, the four new Poliça songs don’t disappoint. The overall theme of the EP is about trying to find your independence in a relationship, a relatable theme. While the band is only a couple years old and started out as an experiment, Poliça pulls you in, making music that’s easy to believe in and sounds like they’ve been doing it for a decade.

Track List:

  1. Raw Exist
  2. Baby Blue
  3. Great Regret
  4. You Don’t Own Me
Polica - Raw Exit Ep
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