Posted on March 19th, 2014 (2:23 pm) by Adam Vedomske

I guess you are allowed to get on your soapbox every once in a while. Those words were the response my wife gave when I was discussing the finer points of the future of music. My colleagues and I spend countless hours locked in musical libraries smoking pipes and vigorously discussing the fall and rise of music.

Four French producers (Lilea Narrative, Zo a.k.a. La Chauve-Souris, YoggyOne and Zerolex) have done more than simply discuss the future; they have taken it and slayed that mighty dragon by creating the band Cotton Claw. Between them they have several years of mixing, creating and performing music. Each artist has their own solo career but come together to become Cotton Claw. Cotton Claw’s debut DUSTED is released by the new Paris label Cascade Records and promises to keep the dance floor packed.

“Burt” comes out swinging and is sure to have a lot of motion on the dance floor. The structure of "Burt" is relatively traditional with some sampled vocals that play as a chorus. Catchy stringed arpeggios come out in waves. “Burt” seems to be the way that modern American hip-hop is headed. It would be very easy for someone to lay a verse over this especially considering the traditional structure of the song. In a sentence this song reminds me of Burt Reynold's sexy manly mustache.

“Climax” is more ambient in nature. It has atmospheric strings that are highlighted by its vocal renderings. The vocals aren't structured like most songs, but they are there more to aid the rhythm. The strings wash over you like water. The drums are all synth except a manipulated hammering metal ping. “Climax” would be the breather between the real dancey songs in a live setting.

“Switches” is what happens when Cinderella goes to a rave. The beat starts very subdued and as the song progresses it picks up velocity. A sexy Disney princess arpeggio morphs into a pulsating wavy acid trip whir. The structure is a building block structure that eventually erupts into a vibrating synchronized machine.

To finish DUSTED, Cotton Claw could have merely left their six tracks and called this a done deal. Cotton Claw did not do this, they have turned their already dance floor hit to the next level by featuring remixes by Slugabed, Kelpe, and Julien Mier. If you choose to buy the vinyl version of DUSTED you would have the privilege of receiving two extra tracks on top of the three remixed.

“Naked (Slugabed Remix)” starts with delicate granular patterns of slowly evolving video game sound effects and echoes that transforms into a mystical beat that is being pitter-pattered back and forth by the electronic snare. While it is reminiscent of the original Cotton Claw track, Slugabed has taken the level of intensity up a few notches. The remix version is more airy and has a few catchy arpeggios to help the listener find it more pleasurable to the ear.

Cotton Claw do so much more than create music. They have taken the experience of the dance floor and put it on a format that is accessible for everyone to listen to wherever they desire. They are not bogged down by the limits lyrics place on a song. They have created a magical, musical near masterpiece.

Track List:

  1. Burt
  2. Climax
  3. Suzanna
  4. Crooked
  5. Switches
  6. Naked
  7. Crooked (Julien Mier Remix)
  8. Switches (Kelpe Remix)
  9. Naked (Slugabed Remix)
Cotton Claw, DUSTED, Cascade Records
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73 / 100
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