Posted on August 12th, 2015 (11:00 am) by Travis Boyer

As a drummer, Joe Plummer takes a step back on Built In Sun, which overshadows his technical ability with all sorts of psychedelic effects. Plummer’s solo effort is anchored vocally by his former Black Heart Procession bandmate, Pall Jenkins. Plummer’s solo debut is collaborative, but largely the same rounds of psych rock that varies only slightly from track to track. Built In Sun does not quite shine, but it’s not completely dull either.

“Honeybear” is a very rushed track from start to finish. This opener knows only one speed. From laser sharp keyboards and a rapid burst of drums, “Honeybear” sprints along. Jenkins’ psych-ish vocals are filtered through all of this and desperately try to keep up. This is one of the few times where Plummer is able to audibly contribute. The rest of the time you would be hard pressed to know he is there on this record.

“Due To Rain” revolves around a spacey psych melody. Jenkins’ wiry vocals orbit around the tune as this track gives off a mystical feeling. Where “Honeybear” could not take a breath, “Due To Rain” takes its time to create a soundscape. However, Plummer’s expertise is not present. If it’s there, the effects of giving nearly every track a hint of psychedelic flavor takes over. There is potential for a dynamic effort when doing so, but there is such a thing as overkill. One thing is for sure, Plummer’s not the focal point, but more of a complementary player.

“Okay” is just that, okay. Jenkins’ sluggish vocals transmit through a rainy filter, while a whiny UFO effect plays on. Altogether, it’s sleepy, slow, but luckily it only lasts two minutes. “G Nights” is a drowsy acoustic full of pins and needles level chords. The slow waves of a calm ocean take effect here on this nearly still closer. Much like many of the other tracks, “G Nights” fails to make big waves.

Built In Sun lacks something to make it more than an average psych inspired record. Plummer made psych the main theme, but it is not enough. Jenkins’ contributions only add so much to the equation. Overall, the record is mundane melodically and leaves on a fatigued note.

Track List:

  1. Honeybear
  2. V
  3. 13 Souls
  4. Due To Rain
  5. Okay
  6. Winters Fall
  7. John John
  8. Live Mate
  9. G Nights
Joe Plummer: Built In Sun
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60 / 100
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