Posted on December 14th, 2013 (11:00 am) by Travis Boyer

There is a feeling of déjà vu when an album sounds exactly the same from track to track for the majority, if not for its entirety. What the listener’s ear catches are the not so subtle sonic differences that on the surface sound like an exact match to the previous track. The impression is that the artist is unimaginative for producing a repetitive bore of a compilation.

For It Is Rain In My Face, the folk electronica artist’s latest EP, Bumrush, is largely repetitive, relying on a mix of folk melded together with the odd pairings of country and electronic styles. At six songs in length, this EP is limited in its capacity for growth within those constraints. It feels detached and passive. It could have done a better by changing things up more often than it does. It Is Rain In My Face does not upset the apple cart with this EP. It hardly rattles the frame.

The lone exception from the monotony is the opening track, “Waiting On The Rain To Fall.” Largely a western tune, this track features smokey, grumbling vocals that invoke visions of chicken wire. Vocally, it’s authentic with its gravely quality.

The crackling vocals make a return on the following “Bumrush Day.” However, at the start, he pulls a complete 180 with light and airy vocals before the rough sounding vocals return. This track infuses some jangly, rhythm and blues that makes this song complete. However, this is where the EP begins to stagnate.

“All The Many Times and Ways” and “Nobody Cares” continue the light and jangly trend that contributes to this EP’s struggle to get out from under the scourge of monotony. Both tracks are a collective snooze. When listening to this album, it feels like a sleepwalk. These respective tracks are especially lulling. There are no distinguishing characteristics to tell them apart by ear.

“Fall (Into the Waves)” tries to change it up, but it still doesn’t depart much from the sleepy, dreamy qualities of the preceding tracks. It benefits from a surf rock-ish quality of mimicking rollicking waves, but that impact is minimal. This concluding track only cements this EP’s fate as an auditory drag.

Bumrush feels like the artist is counting how many times he can put the listener to sleep. As a whole, it is a stalled work. At the beginning, it is entertaining, if not bordering on comical, but it is a collective snoozefest from there on out.

Track List:
1. Waiting On The Rain To Fall
2. Bumrush Day
3. All The Many Times and Ways
4. Nobody Cares
5. Hurt (Broken Ring)
6. Fall (Into The Waves)

It Is Rain In My Face, Bumrush Day EP
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55 / 100
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