Posted on November 23rd, 2013 (10:00 am) by Travis Boyer

The indie rock trio known as Daytona are tired of the same old, same old. What results is a desperate need for a change of scenery. Restless with their surroundings, a road trip album is formed. The New York City transplants, by way of North Carolina, explore where the road will take them on this self-titled debut released by Ernest Jenning Records.

Setting out on the road, Daytona are freewheeling, unconcerned with developing a refined sound. Daytona throw together jangly guitar over cut and paste lyrics to form a perfectly ragged composition. Daytona’s dog-eared road map leads them to a respectable debut.

The opening track, “The Road,” is a fitting starting point. It does not roar to announce Daytona’s presence from the word play. There’s no place for that bravado that would have overshadowed the simple click clack of the drum beat imitating the friction of tires along the road. The road is rough and, as the song goes, it “never seems to end.” Suddenly, this trip is looking much more than daunting than first thought. For the next leg, Daytona take a trip up the coast, where a beacon shines in the dark. “Lighthouse” flows on a surf rock current carried by a steel drum. However, this lighthouse “in the fog...stands for no one at all.” The solitary luminary offers no guidance to ships at sea and signals that Daytona is running out of Earth to explore as the coast rapidly approaches. Daytona’s travels end with their final destination in “Oregon,” a twangy track, which finds Daytona coming to terms with running out of real estate to roam. Nowhere to escape, Daytona are resigned to the fact “the sea never parted for anyone and it won’t for you and it won’t for me.”

Daytona have produced a fitting road trip album; however, the band has found that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. As the cliché saying goes, there’s no place like home.

There are no frills to what Daytona do on this album. The unruly, jangly guitar becomes the band’s trademark that serves their freewheeling style well. Daytona’s sound is not the result of painstaking attention to detail. It flows freely of any constriction that allows the band to breathe. Perfectly sloppy, Daytona have created an authentic, raw debut.

Track List:
1. The Road
2. New Foundation
3. Honey
4. Lighthouse
5. Ought To Be A Law
6. Maria
7. Old Friend
8. Metropolitan
9. Raincoat
10. Oregon

Daytona, Ernest Jenning Record Co., Indie, Rock
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