Posted on December 14th, 2013 (10:00 am) by Jesse Clark

Can anyone name a better idea for three friends who share a deep passion for cool cars, beer, and rock and roll than to start a band? Originating in Copenhagen during a summer of love, Vampire Blow are the latest and greatest garage punk band that you might not even realize you’ve heard. Their song “Let’s Go Out” has been featured prominently in a recent Old Navy ad, but other than that they’ve yet to make it big in the United States. Now that their debut album is out it should take long before their career skyrockets by word of mouth.

Unicorn couldn't offer more of a display of Vampire Blow's chemistry than it already does for a debut album. Morten Søgaard makes love to the electric guitar while Thomas “Freak Show” Persson beats the drums, and cinematographer Jasper Spanning shows off his bass playing skills. Together the Danish trio kick out the jams in style playing garage rock like it was meant to be played. They have already established their own zany character as heard in songs “Tokyo Slut,” and its quirky, irreverent lyrics which they sing like a true punk band and “I’m Real Upset” which is somewhat reminiscent of Ween’s more downtempo material. Their overall sound borrows a huge influence from rock bands like Black Sabbath, the Kinks, the Dead Kennedys, the Who, Velvet Underground, Wolfmother, and the Black Keys. Morten Søgaard isn’t anything like Jimmy Page but he sure knows how to rip a satisfying guitar solo.

Their music and sound is based mainly in garage rock and punk but they dip their feet into genres such as doo-wop as heard in “Spaceships” and heavy metal heard in “He’s Alright” which is an awesome guitar song. Pure rock and roll. They even tease a little space rock in the college rock anthem of the album “I Really Think You’ll Let Me Go.” “Let’s Go Out” is by far the most confident and mature sounding track on the album. It’s upbeat and energetic sound shows us what Vampire Blow are made of, but this band still has a ways to go before they can be considered mature enough to be a headlining band. That being said, this album shows a lot of promise from an otherwise undiscovered act and we look forward to hear more from these goofballs when ever that may be. If this album shows any indication of where they might go from here we are in for some good old fashion rock and roll just they way it was meant to be played.

Track List:
1. Spaceships
2. He's Alright
3. I Really Think You'll Let Me Go
4. Tokyo Slut
5. Let's Go Out
6. I Wanna Go Home
7. I'm Real Upset

Vampire Blow: Unicorn
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71 / 100
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