Posted on November 11th, 2014 (12:00 pm) by Jesse Clark

Porter Robinson is one of the many big names in electronic dance music who still has their whole life ahead of them. He began making music at the age of 13, and quickly began to find his niche. He grew up being influenced by the sounds of video games, yet his style rapidly began to evolve. Worlds is his debut release and it proves he’s still got a lot of creative juice left in him.

“Divinity,” featuring the vocals of Amy Millan, is a futuristic explosion of bass and synth. Using every sound in the book, this dance anthem is going to be a sure-fire hit on the upcoming Top 40. Meanwhile, “Sad Machine” is more of a ballad with softer synth and snare to create a more delicate tone characterized by a gentle melody.

We move on into more funky electro-jazz-oriented sounds with “Flicker.” The songs takes samples of Japanese vocals and fit them in between cog-like beats, like missing pieces of a puzzle. The bedazzled synths hog the spotlight until the maniacal bass drops. “Fresh Static Show” shows off Robinson's editing and production skills, highlighting his heightened attention to detail.

Imaginary Cities gets a guest spot on the gloriously anthemic “Hear The Bells,” offering a little something to those of us who aren’t huge EDM fans to begin with. “LionHearted,” featuring Urban Cone, is a track designed to get the blood and fists pumping, while “Polygon Dust” is more suited for dirty dancing and lounging out.

“Fellow Feeling” uses string instruments to create a symphonic atmosphere before turning into a glitchy industrial cacophony. It goes from heavenly, to tense, back to angelic within a matter of minutes, pushing the boundaries of what people can endure listening to in one sitting.

Porter Robinson isn’t ahead of his time, but rather, right smack-dab in the middle of it. He’s entered into the music scene at just the right time for his music to thrive, and it has been. Worlds may not be the most revolutionary record, but it sure has a lot to offer for those who are looking.

Track List:

  1. Divinity (Feat. Amy Millan)
  2. Sad Machine
  3. Years Of War (Feat. Breanna Duren And Sean Caskey)
  4. Flicker
  5. Fresh Static Show
  6. Polygon Dust (Feat. Lematire)
  7. Hear The Bells (Feat. Imaginary Cities)
  8. Natural Light
  9. Lionhearted (Feat. Urban Cone)
  10. Sea Of Voices
  11. Fellow Feeling
  12. Goodbye To A World
Porter Robinson - Worlds Review
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69 / 100
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