Posted on April 15th, 2015 (1:00 pm) by Jesse Clark

To Kill A King has been around for half a decade and yet they get very little love from the mainstream. You’d think as a supporting act for Bastille they would’ve garnered more attention by now. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and since they are on the verge of breaking new ground, it’s not too late to hop on the regicidal bandwagon. They’ve just released their self-titled sophomore album and it’s the kind of album that will make you fall in love with them and then hate them two years later, once the rest of the world has discovered their genius.

To Kill A King almost comes as a surprise hit. Between “Compare Scars” and “Love Is Not Control” the album comes off as a rip off of other typical contemporary rock bands like The National or Mumford & Sons, yet there’s definitely something defining about the sound. Maybe it’s the fiery guitar riffs, or perhaps the on-point lyrics. Melody is the pushing force behind what makes “Oh My Love” so delicate yet hard-hitting. The words bleed into the melody like a needle in a vein.

A well-crafted guitar riff and keen piano drives “School Yard Rumours” in cahoots with retro synth, making you think of the Kinks meet Coldplay. “Good Times (A Rake’s Progress)” is where the record truly starts to take form as we start to hear the bubbling eagerness and downright potential of this band. Slowing down a bit into the loner ballad, “Musicians Like Gamblers Like Drunks Like Me.” A song is destined to be the next Wonderwall, in terms of aspiring amateur musicians.

“Grace At Times” cranks up the heat with euphorically infectious guitar and adrenaline-pumping drums. This is the type of song that makes you realize why we fall in love with music. It’s like someone pushed the Black Keys and Fleet Foxes together and made one hell of a modern rock band. “World Of Joy (A List Of Things To Do)” is a psychedelic masterpiece, joining both Edward Sharpe-type rock with Flaming Lips enthusiasm, with a rocking melody and lyrics simple and universally adorable. “Today” brings the curtain down with some classical guitar and New Orleans-style jazz á la The Band in The Last Waltz.

That wraps up one spectacular sophomore album. They have enough sense to stick with a mainstream sound while sneaking in older influences and experimenting with unique blends of instruments and melodies. Hopefully they will follow the lead of other bands and try to change the path of where music is headed. To Kill A King is bursting with untapped potential ready to spill out within the makings of the material to follow. All we can do is enjoy the ride.

Track List:

  1. Compare Scars
  2. Love is Not Control
  3. Oh My Love
  4. Friends
  5. The Chancer
  6. School Yard Rumours
  7. Good Times (A Rake's Progress)
  8. Musicians Like Gamblers Like Drunks Like Me
  9. Grace At a Party
  10. World of Joy (A List of Things to Do)
  11. Today
To Kill A King: To Kill A King
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80 / 100
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