Posted on December 29th, 2013 (12:00 pm) by Nick Manai

The saying goes, "write what you know." So should we review what we know? It is a trickier question then it might at first appear to be. If The Decemberists are only ever getting reviewed by tweed wearing folkies how could they not seem to be the most talented group West Coast singer songwriters since forever. But how are you going to get the black metal kid to say anything remotely inspired by serious listening to an album with the kind of ambitions as The Crane Wife?

TC is making dance music and not the kind of dance music you listen to—the kind of dance music you get really drunk to and try your first molly. All four tracks on the Get Down Low EP are nothing short of workouts, you better be in good shape when this guy is spinning. The beats are turn up all the way to incinerate, and they are routinely building and building from there. Make no mistake, Get Down Low is aptly named.

But here you are sitting at a computer reading this. Unless your checking out reviews in the bathroom before heading out into the pit, you’re nowhere near the kind of frenzy TC is playing towards.

So what do you need to know about the music then? Police siren horns spinning out of control like your watching the car crash scene in The Blue Brothers on fast forward with the volume maxed out. Every once in a while a deep voice will interject the decrees of his kingdom. “Get down low,” or even just mouth some nonsense that is setting you up for the kettle boiling whistle of the trailing beat. Songs are called “Vegas” and “Do You Rock”; it is not a question. Somewhere in between these two titles is exactly what you’re getting.

So is it a masterpiece? Are these new sounds you've never heard before? Are they impeccably crafted? Not really, no. We could spend our time developing the theories on modern dance music and where TC fits in, how he builds a space and then crashes it down. But in the end you’re going to hear this on the dance floor, and it is going to be so loud you won’t be able to think. So don’t. You’ll be sweaty and tired, and if you’re doing it right you won’t even remember the name of this website. So don’t sweat it and just keep dancing.

Track List:
1. Get Down Low
2. Vegas
3. Do You Rock
4. Get Down Low (Remix)

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Our Rating

56 / 100
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