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Euros Childs will be familiar to some as the former frontman for the alternative group Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. After the group disbanded in 2006, Childs went on to release a few solo albums, cultivating a somewhat minimalist sound compared to that of his former band. His combination of folk and pop melds with some vintage-drawn influences to form the kind of indie pop and his newest solo effort will appeal to lovers of GZM's alt-rock sound. Situation Comedy is saturated with folky, vintage-sounding tunes, with quirky pop lyrics fit for the soundtrack of an indie film. This album, released on October 21, continues to document Childs' solo journey and showcases another collection of unconventional and unusual pop.

The first thing to notice on Situation Comedy is that Childs particularly likes to utilize piano and guitar-driven rhythms to push his songs along. The opening track, "Tête à Tete," uses a frolicking syncopation to keep the song's momentum. This musical theme is repeated throughout the album, again on "Give The Girl A Hand," with a repetitive chorus and humorous lyrics about the inconveniences of life. "Ooh La Oona" once again uses that piano to move, while using a lovely harmonized chorus that is perfect sing-along music. "Second Home Blues," with its breezy and carefree guitars and Childs' smooth voice occasionally yipping, settles well in with the other pop tracks. One noticeable issue to stand out with all of these pop tunes skipping along is that since the musical pattern is repetitive, the songs themselves start to run together and makes for moments of boredom. The syncopation almost begins to lurch along, and Childs' smooth mezzo-falsetto begins to lose its charm.

Situation Comedy, however, does occasionally break from this musical pattern and veers slightly, but not totally, off course. "Daddy's Girl" has more of a country honky tonk vibe, with an electric guitar pairing with Childs' deeper vocal range. The lyrics are also decidedly country, telling the story of a father estranging slowly from his daughter, culminating with an apparent kidnapping across state lines. "Holiday From Myself" also has some nice guitar work, and is a nice, soft break from all the breezy pop, dialing it back and sounding almost like a Buddy Holly-ish ballad.

The oddest song on the record is "Trick Of The Mind." It is an ominous, piano-driven song, but unlike the previous usage of the piano as a force of happy pop, it is instead used in a fashion with which to unsettle the listener. It's a repetitive piano riff, punctuated by dissonant notes give it the worrying feeling that the listener is getting a peek at the machinations of a stranger's mental illness. It's also roughly fourteen minutes long, giving enough time to determine that the "trick" may be getting the listener to sit tight through its entirety. As the last song on the album, it leaves the listener with a sort of "huh?" feeling as it comes to a close.

Fans missing the since-disbanded Gorky's Zygotic Mynci will enjoy this newest solo effort from Childs. It stands out as an almost eccentric folk pop with quirks that will appeal to lovers of indie pop and folk as well, without sounding gimmicky. Childs' minimalist approach to the instrumental backing allows him to boast his ability to write unique, and at times comical, lyrics. Situation Comedy is an enjoyable listen, and Euros Childs is sure to keep successfully producing solo work if he continues to exercise his unique brand of creativity.

Track List:
1. Tête à Tête
2. Second Home Blues
3. Avon Lady
4. Ooh La Oona
5. Brides in the Bath
6. Give the Girl a Hand
7. Holiday From Myself
8. Tina Said
9. Daddy's Girl
10. Good Time Baby (Talk to Me)
11. Trick of the Mind

Euros Childs
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