Posted on December 21st, 2013 (10:00 am) by Taylor Evans

For indie rockers Colony House, music is a family affair. The band released its self-titled EP December 3, which was recorded at Someday Studios. The three-piece band is made up of brothers Caleb and Will Chapman and Scott Mills. The Chapmans are the children of Christian music singer Steven Curtis Chapman and Someday Studios is the family’s personal recording space. The band recently underwent a name change, switching from Caleb to Colony House. The name comes from an apartment complex in Tennessee that served as an occasional home for the band’s members.

Colony House EP is only three songs long, making it hard to get a real read on the band. While undergoing a reinvention, it may take a while for Colony House to find their groove. The album serves as a small introduction to the band, but it will take a full-length album, which has an expected release set for next year, to truly understand where they’re heading.

On the EP, it’s easy to see that the band has some connection to Christian music. The uplifting sounds and lyrics with hopeful messages of patience and keeping on a path definitely align with more spiritual music. The instrumentals are an uncomplicated affair, never crowding or distorting the lead singer Caleb Chapman’s voice.

“Keep On Keeping On” is an upbeat opening to the EP. The instrumentals are simple, with vocals accompanied by a clean guitar riff and drums. The song is all about the roller coaster of life. “When the devils onto you strong, brother keep on keeping on,” Caleb proclaims. He tells the brother, “keep your head up.”

“Waiting For My Time To Come” is a slower track and the subject matter matches. The song opens with the exclamation, “Today is not my day.” He continues to sing about falling down and getting back up. “I’m still waiting for my time to come,” Caleb sings. Throughout the song, fingers snap, hands clap. Seasons change. At 4:24, the song feels like it drags because of repetitive lyrics and boring instrumentals.

“Only You” is the most interesting song on the EP. A cool echo overlays Caleb’s vocals and he sounds his most soulful. He sings to an unknown person, wondering if there’s hope for him, even though he’s a “broken man.” The instrumentals, once again, are simple but more effective then previous tracks. The drums crescendo in just the right places, adding emphasis to the lyrics.

Colony House’s EP is somewhat hit or miss, even though it’s just three songs. It will take a full album to better understand the band’s direction and get a true feel for their intentions.

Track List:
1. Keep On Keeping On
2. Waiting For My Time To Come
3. Only You

Colony House - Colony House EP
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